Wednesday, October 12, 2005

President Hastert

"Mister Speaker, the forty forth chief executive of the United States, President J. Dennis Hastert."

This administration, which never learns the lessons of history, still should have learned this one. After all, Karl Rove was a disciple of Donald Segretti and a peer of Lee Atwater in the field of political character assassination. Any examples needed can be found in the defeats of John McCain in the 2000 political primaries in South Carolina and the Swift Boat Vet Ads of the last election. The "boy genius" overreached this time, however. And even if he was unaware that exposing a CIA covert operative was a crime, the lesson of history is that the cover-up is always worse than the crime. That's why the news footage of the President sitting with his cabinet promising to get to the bottom of this mess, while the grinning conspirators sat to his left and right, stands out as the chief image of this deceit. They were reminiscent of a sixties' image of a Mississippi lynch mob about to be acquitted by an all white jury.

The President seemed aware of what was said and done in his name, and since the initial leak came from the Vice President's office, there's a good chance Mister Cheney knew as well. If that is the case, we will soon be hearing once again, "what did the President know, and when did he know it?" History's like that.
I don't know anything more about special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald than what I have readand heard in the mainstream media, but I do know that no Grand Jury sits this long, and no journalist goes to jail for three months for nothing. If the Bush White House thought this Prosecutor was going to roll over, they should have known that every thirty years or so, a man comes along with the integrity of Archibald Cox, and when he doesn't do the administrations' bidding, there is hell to pay.

In this case, the hell comes in the form of perjury and obstruction of justice, and Karl Rove's arrogant political destruction of Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife will pale in comparison to the damage he has inflicted on his own government. The cover-up of Rove's involvement by the President, and the cover-up of Lewis Libby's involvement by the Vice President, are impeachable offenses. After 2000 American and countless civilian lives have been lost in Iraq, the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, accompanied by the disaster of the President nominating his personal attorney to the Supreme Court, the political climate, on both sides of the spectrum, is ripe for a recall of the 2004 election.

I believe that Prosecutor Fitzgerald is about to hand down some serious indictments along with the indictments of unnamed co-conspirators. If that is the case, it spells the end for the criminal conspiracy that has seized this government. If Rove and Libby go down, so will the President and Vice President and in the direct line of succession stands the current Speaker of the House and the next President of the United States, J. Dennis Hastert, as destiny bound as Gerald R. Ford.

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lll said...

dude, don't even think about prez hastert! this is no trivial issue here. what we must put our efforts toward with all force is the return of dem control of both houses. when that happens, we will not only have the votes to bring impeachment proceedings against BOTH bush and cheney, but we'll have a dem speaker (nancy pelosi?) who will then move into the white house via the line of succession.

and we'll have dems in power who would hopefully reverse many of bush's executive orders, and who would hopefully open up many of the 'classified' documents that have protected so many of those who were appointed by these creeps, not least of whom is john roberts, as well as bolton. i'm quite curious about roberts' papers from the iran-contra years, and just as curious about those requests bolton made to the cia while in the state department in the run up to the iraq invasion.


bottom line: the investigation by fitz will take more time, then there will be the trials. no chance this will resolve prior to the 06 campaigns. we need to keep next november as our major target. if we don't, all else will fall away. if we recover congress, we might also be able to bring about real election and media reform, the two most important freedoms that have been compromised beyond recognition in these hellish bush years.

glad you're doing this; keep it up!