Thursday, June 08, 2006

Queer Baiting

Let's all go Bill Fristing down memory lane. For the next three weeks, while our democracy is challenged from all sides and both borders, our eminent Senator/Doctor has determined the schedule for topics of debate in the Senate; a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, a bill, approved by the ruthlessly ambitious Hillary Clinton, criminalizing flag burning, and the repeal of the estate tax, also known in the Orwellian world of Karl Rove as the "death tax." Does Frist know how to do the bidding of his masters, or what? If this guy thinks he's going to be President, he is even more deluded than I imagined.

Frist has not only been a failure as an effective representative, he has failed himself as a human being. As a surgeon, Frist took the Hippocratic Oath, "First, Do No Harm." As a Senator, he took the Hypocrite's Oath, "First, do no harm to conservative, wealthy Republicans." Here is a scion from a family who's fortune comes from the broken and derelict health management industry, who gave up a career as a healer to become one of the most mean-spirited, lock-step lackeys in government. He was, and is, a political novice who never held elected office, spending millions in both personal and public dollars to win a Senate seat from a conscientious legislator like Jim Sasser to fuel his misguided fantasy of being President of the United States. It will never happen.

The utter collapse of the "gay marriage amendment" should be an embarrassment for conservatives enlightened enough to tell when they are being used like a strap-on, yet Frist promises to bring the issue back up in a matter of months. It's ironic that this hate screed against homosexuality is called, "energizing your base," but let's be honest. Homosexuality is the tip of the iceberg for this gang of moral absolutists. It is sexuality itself that makes them uneasy. The "faith-based conservatives" are opposed to any sort of sexuality beyond the bonds of matrimony, and even then, the preferred manner is under the covers and in the dark and never in an upright position, lest they be accused of dancing. There is even a lunatic fringe that believe a "homonucleus" exists in every sperm cell. Is it that far of a stretch to imagine an attempt to pass a bill criminalizing Onanism? After all, if a little man lives in each sperm cell, then masturbation must surely lead to serial murder.

And this Doctor, like Mengele, will do anything to further his party's cause, even if it means misdiagnosing a brain dead woman by videotape as a viable member of society. This man of medicine was one of the architects of the pharmaceutical friendly Plan B for Medicare. Yet he doesn't want the Plan B contraceptive to be readily available for women, even though the FDA finds no reason why it should not. Nor does he favor sex education, legal and safe abortion procedures, universal health care, or same sex partnerships, even though the retiring Archbishop of Chicago said he could "live with the concept of civil unions." In this devastating age of AIDS, wouldn't you expect a doctor to see the value of committed relationships to our society regardless of the genders involved? But Frist prefers the "slippery slope" argument that gay and lesbian unions will naturally lead to inter-species unions.

So let's stop playing semantics. Stop persecuting people for the way they were born into this world and we'll reach a compromise. Conservative Christians can call their bonds "marriage," and same gender partnerships can call their bonds "civil unions." It's not the label, but the bonds that matter. Grant the same rights to all and cease this cruel stigmatization of gays and lesbians as evil. The evil is in the persecution. I understand the biblical reference of man not "lying with a man as a woman." Does that mean lesbianism passes muster, or was that covered by something Saint Paul said to the Corinthians?

There are thousands of Holy Scriptures in this world. Hinduism teaches that every soul is bestowed with a spark of life by it's Creator that is the equal to every other soul. By persecuting someone for their transient sexual nature in this corporal realm is a sacrilege against one of the world's major faiths. To intentionally harm anyone is an affront to God. And need we be reminded of the words of two other world religions; "Love Ye One Another," and "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself." The oldest faiths teach service to all mankind as akin to being service to God. This hysterical tormenting of individuals that mean no harm to you, or your marriage, is evil, plain and simple.

When Frist brings up the "death tax" he isn't talking about you. This is in the interests of families that have amassed great wealth and wish to pass it along to their heirs "en toto," without feeling a need to chop anyone's estate up to feed the needy. This only exacerbates the already disparate chasm between the rich and the poor, and leads to the sort of class society that brought about the French and British Revolutions. Don't be concerned. Frist and friends are ready to trickle down on you. As for Frist's bosses in the Party of Hate, this attempt to create discriminatory law is a violation of that oath that promises to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

I would suggest that Bill Frist forget about politics and return to the nobility of his former profession. I understand that he was an excellent surgeon. What a sin to trade healing men's hearts to hurting men's souls. And as for Frist's pandering to the evangelical Christian wing of the Republican party to curry favor for his intended run for the nation's highest office, he would do better to ask them to pray for his soul. In terms of Eastern religion, he has a lot of bad karma to resolve.


Anonymous said...

As a libertarian, I shrug my shoulders over the sex issue. Who cares what a person's sex trip is. I have trouble seeing why homosexuals throw their sex trip up in everyone's faces. I happen to have a foot fetish, but it never occurred to me to gather with other foot fetishists and march in the streets. Homosexuals can live together, exchange rings, and will their wealth to one another, adopt what's the beef. If they quietly went about their lives they would be better off.
As far as the death tax is concerned, I resent the fact that the bogus government (and it is bogus, regardless of which political party is running the show) can take what I have worked for all my life and use it as those incompetent bastards see fit. I am not a well-to-do person, but it never occurred to me to get someone else's money by means of government looters. It is a form of theft. If I can't make it on my own, let me shrivel up and blow away. Who cares if some people have amassed wealth. This whole class envy thing is for covetous losers. Take your envious eyes off of others and live a quiet and simple life having your orgasms any way you see fit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well I have a fire-plug fetish and I'm sick and tired of people bashing fire-plug fetishists. I'm putting out a call...FIRE-PLUG HUNCHERS, UNITE. We'll march on the nation's capitol in August. We'll demand that fire-plug hunching be mainstreamed in the media and require sensitivity training in all public schools.

Anonymous said...

Again you said it right on the money. Frist is an educated fool willing to selll his soul to anyone to further his battle for the presidency. I'm not buying.

Anonymous said...

Some psychologist did a study of politicians (party affiliation didn't matter) and concluded that the psychological profile of politicians is very similar to that of the common criminal. I am not making this up. I saved the article for years. I would be willing to bet money that those who take politics too seriously and really get their panties in a wad over what these fools (criminals) say and do have pathological tendencies as well. To be overly concerned about the sordid world of politics is sort of like being an intestinal worm...there are so many more pleasant things to feed upon.

Anonymous said...

First, from this week's BluesWax ezine:

John Lee Hooker Estate Has Tax Troubles:

Zakiya Hooker, the daughter of John Lee Hooker, has signed a seven-year deal with Shout! Factory that will license five of her father’s albums from the 1980s and '90s for release in North America, and two for release in Europe.

Hooker's catalogue was valued at $5 million by the Internal Revenue Service after he died in 2001. The estate got that estimate lowered, but still owed $1 million in estate taxes. "We do need money," estate manager Eugene Skuratowicz told "Our prime drive is his legacy, but the estate needs to get healthy."

See they're gonna have to pay tax on that income as it comes in in the future in addition to these death taxes, just as people who die with cash have already paid taxes on that money when it was income.

Now, I agree with the libertarian on the queer thing and would add that queers have made a lot gains in recent times -- some of which will continue to ramify and get people used to them -- and should not lose sight of the facts that their friends need to win elections to be able to help them more and that more homosexual demands can drive people further into the lap of the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

And now we find out that Bush gave a blow job to Victor Ashe, a notorious Republican from Knoxville. My, My!! As I write, the news is all about the killing of al-zerqawi. This is a big deal. Bush killed thousands of soldiers, wrecked the economy and refuses to address anything more important than the "threat" of gay marriage, through his stooge Frist. All so he can brag that he finally killed the Number Three man in al kaida. This is like winning the NIT basketball tournement. We're #64!!!!!

Steve said...

God bless Randy what is up your ass man? I am done with most of the pols, Dems and Republicans alike. I want to know if any will grow a set of balls. I agree with the lib. Let the queers have their civil union. Just don't call it marriage. Why should people who have saved their money get it taxed again when it's passed on to their heirs? What do you want our country to be like a second class Euro country? Come on man let up on that crystal meth and late night rantings and come into the 21st century. Love ya baby.

Anonymous said...

The lib is right.We need to get back to freedom.Who do you want running your life? Screw the government...up with libertarianism. The government is a glorified thief who dreams up ways to trash our money after it has been stolen. Like I heard once on a radio spoof about the Clintons... 'Hey, Hillary, throw another bale of the taxpayers money on the fire. It's getting a little chilly in here'. And that's not that much of an exaggeration.Both parties are full of fools. How can anyone take either of them seriously?

Anonymous said...

I, too, have a foot fetish so that makes me a member of a sexual minority. In fact, there are countless sexual permutations. Why should homosexuals be allowed to corner the market in terms of press conerage, etc. in the public arena? Maybe there should be a national convention of sexual minorities so that the playing field could be made level. Can you imagine what tv and the movies would be like if all of the sexual minorities were represented?

davethedog said...

Frist is worse than a typical politician because he was originally intelligent. He turned himself into a do-anything toady, candidate, who will take any position to get votes. Not only shouldn't he NOT be President, he shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine anymore.
I would hate to be his patient and be "clinically dead", but being forced to stay alive because he wants to pander to one of his voting blocks. Frist needs to spend the rest of his life in his Nashville mansion in a morphine fog, ranting about what could have been. He knows better and therefore deserves a special place by the fire of Hell!! RANDY we need another topic!!!!!