Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mel Gibson

Fuck Mel Gibson.


Anonymous said...

Truer words were never spoken!!Chop

Cliff Friedman said...

I'm impressed, Randy. I think this is your first post that mentions neither Bush nor Rove.

Actually, my main thought on Mad Max is that a drunken idiot's rantings about Jews is making more news than the shooting in Seattle of 5 Jews, one killed, by a crazed Muslim. In fact, two people were charged with crimes yesterday: Mel Gibson and Naveed Haq. Personally, I am more concerned about the latter and his ilk than the former. One group just rants about Jews, the other is actually trying to kill us. In my mind, NEVER AGAIN is not about boycotting the next Mel Gibson movie.

Wintermute said...

too wordy

Anonymous said...

Well, if everyone digs back into their lives, I'm sure they'll find some point where they have spouted "Racial/Ethnic Slurs"...either in anger, or in the form of a joke/humor.
I have... and I am definitely not a bigot. Now, I'm certainly not condoning that sort of behavior..just stating a fact! Mel Gibson has apologized, profusely, over the last couple of days. If this was some "Deep-Seated Hate-Vendetta" of his, I don't feel he would have been so quick and forthcoming with apologies.

MadMax said...

succinct and to the point.

Alice Frye said...

Anonymous at 7:31 makes a rather naive mistake by concluding that Mel would not have apologized so quickly, if his feelings were deep-seated.

'Scuse me, dear. Mel is a member of the elite 20/20 Club in Hollywood. That means he gets $20 million up front, plus 20% of the gross for his pictures. In the sober light of dawn, this reality would trump even the strongest of personal convictions and likes/dislikes.

One book on the reading list for my "U.S. Intellectual History since the Civil War" course (some years ago) was An empire of their own : how the Jews invented Hollywood by Neal Gabler. I recommend it to anyone who wants more than a superficial understanding of the history of the medium. The book gives you the background to understand the contemporary cult of personality that dominates entertainment.

Moviegoers are paying dearly to see superstar films, and the entertainers should feel an obligation to act responsibly.

Jim Bob said...


Gregg said...

I felt the same way about him when Mel thought it would be bad form to make any comments when his father made his ludicrous "the holocaust was probably mostly fiction" comment just before Mel's Passions of Christ showed Jews killing Jesus.
If I were drunk I don't think I'd start screaming about niggers or wops or wasps or kikes or homos. What would move me to do that at age 59? I don't know why I would do it if I was 19! If I was drunk and picked up by the police I'd feel stupid and maybe angry, but to yell obscenities about some focal group of people, seemingly out of the blue, has no good rationale. The guy is an anti-semite. I'm reminded OJ Simpson swearing to find the person who killed his ex-wife. I mean, come on, who else other than OJ would have had the rage to have stabbed her THIRTY-SIX times in the neck and killed the guy who was out with her? Are we all stupid? Mel is an anti-semite. And, not just a little bit. He hates Jews. Hates them. l wonder if he was told he couldn't make it by a Weinstein or a Goldstein or some other brown eyed boy at some studio when young Mel was just coming up. There's got to be some basis for it. Hey, maybe he got it from the old man. After all his father is the idiot who made a fool out of himself a couple of years ago. Maybe the old man did a pretty harsh job on young Mel when he was a kid and branded the Jews as the bad guys. It's not like it hasn't happened before. Whether that's true or not, we'd then at least have some idea on how to make sense out of what spewed out of him. He's a bare knuckled anti-semite, and that makes him a very small man. Very small.

Anonymous said...

To Alice Frye,
'Scuse ME dear, Mel Gibson has enough money to OWN Hollywood!..Hell, the whole state of California! I really don't see how money could be a "motivating" factor for his apology! Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't "The Passion Of the Christ" directed, produced and distributed TOTALLY by Gibson and his company? from what I heard, the movie did pretty doggone well at the box office. Fear of not getting his 20/20? nah, can't buy that one.
I think the man has a very healthy bowl of financial freedom.(especially after the bountiful bonanza he took in from "The Passion")
My take on it is this: I think he is struggling with an anti-semite upbringing..deeply embedded brainwashing by a known bigoted father! Gibson is also struggling with alcoholism. I feel the apologies are sincere..he KNOWS it's ALL wrong!...The drinking..which seemed to bring the remnants of old "Poison" out... "Poison" from a rotten upbringing. Mel Gibson DID screw up!...but I choose not to hate him...but to pray for him...and yes, forgive.