Friday, October 13, 2006

Jake "Fredo" Ford

After the last televised debate between the candidates for Tennessee's 9th Congressional District, I was enraged that Jake Ford, the "Fredo" of the Ford family, continues in his race-driven quest to siphon votes away from the rightly elected representative of his party, Steve Cohen. But after watching Jake Ford's press conference on WMC-TV, (the link for the whole thirteen minute mess is here: ,type in search for "Jake Ford"),my anger has turned to bemusement over the Ford Family Follies. In thirteen short minutes, I was convinced that Jake Ford is so slimy that he leaves a grease trail behind him when he walks, like a slug. This would all be a joke if he were not receiving the backing of Rev. LaSimba Gray and other prominent ministers, and leading voices in the community like Walter Bailey.

Don't the Fords believe that Junior has enough of a fight without the embarrassing electoral chicanery of his family? And doesn't Harold Ford, Sr. understand that this election is far too vital to the Democratic Party and the nation without his attempt to further enrich himself and his lobbying business by ensuring a son serves in each chamber, even though one is grossly unqualified? Only yesterday, (10/11), The Commercial Appeal had a front-page story on questions of impropriety between Harold Ford, Sr.'s business clients and their favors to Harold, Jr. Are the Fords so deluded as to believe that the Corker campaign won't go negative on them as well? Ford, Jr. bristles at the mention of his family by his opponent, yet his father is a lobbyist in D.C., his Uncle stands indicted, his Aunt was bounced from the State Legislature, his cousin Joe, Jr. was defeated in the Democratic primary, and now brother Jake threatens a once secure Democratic seat in the Congress with a vanity run. Harold Ford, Sr. is risking the labor of thirty-five years' worth of bi-racial cooperation within the Democratic Party for his personal purposes.

The outstanding Jake Ford press conference quote after admitting he was arrested "about" four times in Washington, D.C. for marijuana possession, ("It wasn't mine!"), assault, and DUI, he claimed, "There was never a conviction because there was never any proof throughout the process I'd done anything criminally wrong." He should have just gone ahead and blamed Clinton. When reporters asked why he didn't come forward sooner with this information, Ford shot back, "It's public information. You all have always had this information, but again, it was my opponent, Steve Cohen, who alerted you to it." Well, thank you Steve Cohen for pointing out a congressional candidate's arrest record. Ford certainly wasn't going to do those reporters' jobs for them. The Republican candidate, Mark White, owned up to the fact that he had been in trouble with the law as well over a tax "dispute" with the Tenn. Department of Revenue. With this bunch, Cohen's campaign slogan could well be, "I've Never Been Arrested."

My friends have accused me in the past of being what's known as a "Yellow Dog Democrat." If you didn't know, it means that I would prefer to vote for an old yellow dog over a Republican. I understand the importance of every single vote for the Senate seat being vacated by "Dollar Bill" Frist. But I have decided that unless Harold Ford, Jr. endorses the Democratic candidate, Steve Cohen, for Congress, or Jake Ford withdraws his candidacy, I will not vote for Ford. I won't be voting for Frist's man Corker either but I might write in Prince Mongo, the perennial protest candidate. If enough people become vocal, perhaps the Fords will come to their senses and realize a Ford in the Senate is better that two Fords working for their daddy's corporate clients until the next election cycle.

And should you believe my enmity towards the Fords is racial, I would point out that Cohen has received the endorsements of both Mayors Herenton and Wharton. In reference to Jake Ford's candidacy, Mayor Herenton said, "His qualifications are nowhere appropriate for him to represent the 9th Congressional District when compared to Steve Cohen." Herenton added, "I'm sick of the Fords." So am I. And should Junior lose to Corker as a result of his father's reckless choices, I will re-double my efforts in two years to see that Congressman Cohen is re-elected to the House of Representatives, and that the Ford political dynasty of Memphis, Tennessee, finally comes to an end.


Anonymous said...

Expose all of the crooks, thieves and liers. We must return our government to honest people who are serving for the right reasons.
You go!
d in Tenn ah c

Pops said...

I agree with you entirely, Randy. Thanks for sending me these emails and keep it up. I enjoy reading them...makes me not feel so lonely working in this den of Republicans.


Anonymous said...

i agree totally with you randy. instead of mongo, i suggest you write in mark flanagan's name. ford senior hates cohen so much because he supported flanagan's run against him in the primary. i'm actually still hoping jr. will straighten up and endorse the democratic party ticket, so i can vote for him. we need a democrat in both houses, but not necessarily a ford.

David Holt said...

Write in Jake Ford.