Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lieberman the Schmuck

I would like to offer a heartfelt and blanket apology to anyone that I ever mocked, criticized, or offended for having inadvertently cast a vote for Sarah Palin while trying to register their choice for John McCain as president. To my lasting humiliation, while casting a vote for Al Gore in 2000, I am guilty of voting for the mamzer Joe Lieberman. At the time, I felt it was an inspired choice by Gore. Holy Joe was the anti-Clinton and I was thrilled at the prospect of the first Jewish Vice President. Now, Lieberman's looking more like the anti-Christ, and he has announced his intent to join with the Republicans and filibuster Harry Reid's health care reform proposal, or any bill that contains a public option as a "matter of conscience."

I know this guy believes that he holds up the sky, but how can he speak of "conscience" when he betrayed his own party, supported the opposition candidate for president, and was the second Democrat to speak at a Republican convention in successive conclaves, after the nar Zell Miller. Lieberman means to stand in the way, like George Wallace in the schoolhouse door, and prevent the Democrats from even voting on their centerpiece issue on the Senate floor. All this cranky noise from Lieberman is the continuation of a pattern of revenge against the Party for backing the legitimate winner of the Connecticut senatorial primary in 2006, Ned Lamont. Lieberman was re-elected as an independent, but caucuses with the Democrats, and to guarantee that he would play nice, was allowed to retain his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee. At the risk of encouraging Jew on Jew violence, it might be time for Rahm Emmanuel to think about slipping a horse's head under Lieberman's linens.

If you'll permit me a couple of ad hominem attacks, Lieberman looks like The Joker from Batman, and when he speaks he reminds me of the Saturday Night Live characters from the 1980s, Doug and Wendy Whiner. He might even have diverticulitis. Every time he opens his yapper, he embodies the term "mealymouth." In the latest Quinnipiac poll, even Connecticut voters believe his views are more in line with the Republicans, so why continue with this sham? The handy website lists Lieberman's top campaign contributors. Why am I not surprised that in the home state of the insurance industry, his major donors include Aetna, Hartford, Pfizer, and Purdue Pharma? Rather than serving the public, or even his constituents' interests, Joe is first serving his corporate masters that got him re-elected.

I long for the days when there was a strong Senate leader like Sam Rayburn or LBJ, who preferred a little arm twisting to assure the success of the party's promises rather than fluff and flattery. And who is the Senate Whip whose responsibility it is to guarantee the votes are there and to enforce party discipline? -Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. Between Durbin and Harry Reid, I don't think either man has ever raised his voice. As a result, rather than a unified party doing the will of the people who put them there, we have a version of a Democratic Party Fight Club, with the Blue Dogs peeing on the carpet. Senator Patrick Leahy has suggested punishing Lieberman by stripping him of his committee chairmanship, but I think it's past time to boot his tuchis from the party so he can find his true home as a spokesman for Fox News. Either that, or force him to filibuster and read the phone book on the Senate floor while people are suffering. Lieberman is already in bed with the Christian right over their staunch support for the state of Israel. His ultra-Zionist views allow him to compartmentalize the fact that the evangelicals' long-term vision for the "end times" in the Holy Land is for either the conversion or death of the Jews.

Earlier this month, Mel Brooks announced the founding of a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the word "schmuck." Brooks announced at a rally in Brooklyn that, "Shmuck is dying. For many of us, saying 'schmuck' is a way of life. Yet when I walk down the street and see people behaving in foolish, pathetic, or otherwise schmucky ways, I hear only the words 'prick' and 'douche bag.' I just shake my head and think, 'I don't want to live in a world like this." The literal meaning of the Yiddish word "schmuck" is a man's penis, or more specifically, the foreskin. But over the years it has become used to describe any arrogant, annoying, or disagreeable person. Brooks told reporters at the first Shmucks for Schmuck rally, "You can be a poor shmuck, a lazy shmuck, a dumb shmuck, or just a plain old shmuck. We must save this word." I have a tip, forgive the pun, for the success of Mel's campaign. Take a long look at Senator Joe Lieberman, and I think you may well have found your poster boy.

mamzer=bastard, nar=fool, tuchis=ass, schmuck=Lieberman


Anonymous said...

Someday long from now, those of us still in the building will read a long NYT expose on how, for thirty years, Joe Lieberman was secretly a Mossad agent working in the very guts of American government to pursue Israeli policy at the expense of the USA's. He shouldn't just have been thrown out of the Democraticcaucus; he should have been tried for treason.

Anonymous said...

you never disappoint, my man. Lieberman the traitor should run for governor of Connecticut.

Anonymous said...
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JB said...

you should be more ashamed of your vote for Gore.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of not serving the interests of constituents, how about the fact that the Democrats are serving the interests of the Globalists (also called the Elite, the Insiders, the Establishment, etc.) rather than the American people. This has been going on at least since the 1930's. Currently, Obama and the Democrats are legislatively implementing the Globalists' World Constitution almost point for about not serving your constituents! In regard to the lame 'health care' bill that you are so enamored with, you say that people are suffering while the Dems dawdle over it. How about the fact that 30 million people will still not be covered. Can you spell hypocrisy? I thought that getting everyone covered was the objective. Of course, most people with any sense can see that the 'health care' bill is not about health care, it is about controlling 1/6 of the American economy as well as the American people. But, what do you expect from collectivists? I hate to be impolite, but you and your bunch are nothing more than useful idiots for the Globalists. They care nothing for the poor. They use helping the poor to suck in naive idealists such as yourself. The Globalists are going to begin de-population measures beginning with the third world people (called useless eaters). Food will become their weapon of choice. And more bad news is that they will eventually kill every Christian and Jew on the planet. The Globalists are re-born Nazis and are going to finish the work that Hitler started. None of this is secret. The Plan (sometimes referred to as the 'Conspiracy') came out of the closet in 1966 with the book entitled 'Tragedy and Hope' by a history professor named Dr. Carrol Quigley who taught at Princeton, Harvard, and Georgetown. He was an associate of the Globalists and was given permission to divulge the Plan to the greater world, because the Globalists knew at that time (mid-60's) that they couldn't be stopped. Since then there have been many, many books written on the subject from both secular and spiritual viewpoints. Of course, the Christians that you like to demonize see it as the fulfillment of Revelation. The Plan is all about the establishment of the New World Order which consists of both a political/economic aspect, and a spiritual aspect. The spiritual aspect is drawn mainly from the teachings of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey (authors of many books on the occult). Both of these occultists were proponents of the Theosophical Society. As an interesting aside, Hitler was an avid reader of the works of both of these women. Alice Bailey's publishing house is called Lucis Trust (formerly the Lucifer Trust...the name was changed in 1922 for obvious reasons) and is an officially sanctioned NGO of the UN. They have been given the responsibility of coming up with the New World Religion that will accompany the New World Government. Oh, and if you didn't already know it, Obama is the big gun for bringing America down so that in a weakened state economically our only viable option for survival will be to join the New World Order. Conveniently, all countries entering the New World Order will have their debts forgiven. That comes in handy when our debt is currently running over 106 trillion, including unfunded liabilities. Before much longer we won't even be able to pay the interest on our debt. I know this sounds preposterous, but we have front row seats for the coming debacle. It may be consummated before Obama's first term is over. All of this explains why the Democrats are spending so much money. They are intentionally bankrupting us to trigger the advent of the NWO. Oh, and George Bush and his father were both in on the cabal. Republicans are just as guilty as the Dems of this travesty. And for Pete's sake, get over your fetish for playing the Donkey and Elephant game. What is actually going on is much bigger than that. We have been had by the very politicians that you place so much faith in.

Anonymous said...

A psychiatrist recently wrote a book the thesis of which is that the liberal mind is a type of mental disorder akin to arrested development. I think that it may be closer to TDS (truth deficiency syndrome) with a side of CFS (control freak syndrome) but then I am not a psychiatrist. You made some vitriolic statements in regard to Joe Lieberman just because you don't agree with his ideas and policies. I have always wondered why liberals try to destroy or fascistically silence those with whom they disagree. This is a tendency that is found in control freaks which I believe most collectivists to be. Think of the attacks by the Obama administration in regard to Fox News. Can't there be a divergence of opinion? Do liberals have to have a monopoly in regard to public discourse? Most non-liberal, non-collectivists don't get so demonically disturbed by those with whom they disagree. But then they believe in the first amendment and many liberals do not, even though they are not likely to admit it. I am serious...why all of the manifestations of hatred for those with whom you disagree? You almost become apoplectic in regard to Bush, Cheney, and most other Republicans. It does seem to be true that people of the liberal persuasion manifest certain common spiritual tendencies. Have you considered exorcism? There may be demons of liberalism. Personaly, I am sure that it is true of rabid liberals. I suspect that most of these types are or have been involved in the Hitler was. 'Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (this includes freedom of opinion)'. The obverse is that where the Spirit of the Lord is not, there is bondage and control. This has something to do with why many liberals hate Christians, especially conservative ones. They are merely following suite with their spiritual father.

Anonymous said...

News alert...Many people found it a curious fact that Obama didn't seem overly concerned about the Ft. Hood massacre and to date hasn't visited the military post. But what would you expect from a self-professed Muslim. One of his guys slaughtered 13 (14 if you count the yet to be born child of one of those murdered) of our guys. I mean, you don't really believe that Obama is an American do you? Certainly not in spirit. He is no more American in spirit than Karl Marx was. Case in point, Hugo Chavez told Fidel Castro that by the time Obama got through with America, he would be to the left of them, and that is no exaggeration from one who should know. Here is something else of interest. Nidal Hasan is listed on a Homeland Security document as being a Homeland Security Task Force Participant. So much for the government vetting process. And now that the military is PC we are all in grave danger. That may not matter though. Many think that Obama and his cadre of Marxist Democrats will destroy America before his first term is over. We are teetering on the brink now. He and the radical Dems are following the Cloward-Piven Strategy (a couple of Marxist from the 60's) which basically says that America can be brought down without firing a shot by bankrupting her. That is the Democratic game plan and it is working like a charm. I'll bet you guys are high-fiving each other over this news. You have won the hard fought battle of destroying the last bastion of freedom in the world.

Anonymous said...

Randy, you would make a damn good propagandist. Even the pictures that you choose are designed to enflame. After the fall of America you should send some of your work to Fuhrer Obama. Maybe he will make you the Goebbels of the new order. You really have developed bias, half truths, bigotry, and spin into a fine art. One would have to have a fairly good education to see through your schtick. And all of the dumbed down youth of the country will be excellent victims. Give this some serious consideration. This is no joke...many are now giving America a year or two before implosion and takeover by iron-fisted communism. And I hope that you don't have any serious health problems after the passage of the abomination of Obamacare. As old and useless as you are you will be consigned to hospice care. And that is no joke either. Lots of the elderly will be dying prematurely. Wait and see. You WILL be one of them. If you don't believe this, then you are a victim of the propaganda of the Democrats. Bamboozled by your own type of schtick.

Sputnik57 said...

It must be miserable living in the dark, fetid world you occupy, where commies lurk around every corner and our president is part of an international socialist conspiracy whose aim is the destruction of the United States. Your talk of globalists and elitists rings of Fox News talking points and Glen Beck in particular. Turn off the TV for a week and come out of your bunker and you may have a whole new perspective.
You continue to say "wait and see," about the destruction of America, like some doomsday preacher who has picked a date for the world to end, but wakes up to find the earth still spinning. How long do we have to "wait and see" before you begin admitting your delusions and understand that Obama is a president like any other, only smarter? Do you think a man would become a constitutional scholar in order to promote Communism? Fool. Communism is a failed system that is recognized as such in the world. No one wants to ration black pajamas here.
Admit your irrational fear of a black president. You'll feel better and won't have to stockpile ammunition and canned food anymore.

Father Farken said...

The Peace of the Lord to all! I was just sent a new translation of the scriptures and I open to Psalm 23...The Lord is my bally wick I shall not wobble. Randy forgive me for being an Absentee Father. Been very busy! I just left an elderly friend at the Vanderbilt Hospital. I peeked in his room and he sez..."Is that you, Fr. Farken, at my side again?" "Yes!". I sez. "Ferghus! You were with with me through it all! When my son had that terrible were there! When my daughter ran away and joined that terrible were there. When our house burned down to were there. When my wife and I were going through marital were there. And now that I have just had a heart attack HERE YOU ARE AGAIN! Now Father will you please get the Hell out of here?" "Why?" I asked. "I TELL YOU, FARKEN. YOU ARE ******* BAD LUCK!" Besides that I am being stalked by a novelist who is suing me. He sez his conversion has left him too content...that he has lost his edge, his angst, his writer's voice and he is suing me for damages. And in a hospital visit yesterday a gay patient had some kind of boofoodiotomy and was in a lot of pain. While I did pray for him I did refrain from the laying on of hands! (I don't touch booty!)Then a gorgeous & shapely blonde nurse strolled in a low-cut, clingy uniform. The patient sez to me, "At times like this, I wish I were a lesbian!"
Hey Anon who thinks Obama is the End of America! Please Lighten Up! So Randy thinks Lieberman is a Schmuck! If you think otherwise tell us Lieberman's virtues! Show us something better. That is usually how a blog works! We get that you are a conspircy theorist! But lose all the nasty name calling & fear tactics. It is said that when Constantine was baptized ...all was baptized but his arm and sword(he kept them out of the water!). For some of us we hold out our wallet or our libido...When you were baptized, did you withhold your marbles? I too was saved from a life of addictions. I was hooked on phonics. Let's give it all up to the G*d of justice, mercy and grace! Be a minister of life...not death! The peace of the Lord! Father Farken

Anonymous said...

Speaking of conspiracy theories and other inconsistencies...the liberal Global 2000 Report commissioned by Jimmy 'The Joke' Carter in 1980 said that if the Earth's population was not reduced by billions that the Earth would experience cataclysm by the year 2000. Obviously that scare tactic didn't work. Czar John Holdren wrote a book entitled 'Ecoscience' in 1977 in which he predicted global cooling that would result in a new Ice Age due to air pollution. That didn't work, so the Marxist environmentalists deicide to try the ruse of global warming to dismantle free-market capitalism. The Earth hasn't warmed in the last 10 years and is showing signs of a cooling trend. I wonder what the next ruse will be by the Marxists to destroy free-market capitalism. By the way, why don't you confront your hypocritical, alarmist hero Al Gore whose carbon footprint exceeds the average person's carbon footprint by over 1100%? One of the thrusts of his environmental fascists is to quit eating meat. When confronted about his steak guzzling addiction, Gore just shrugged and blew it off. It seems that he is a 'do as I say and not as I do' hypocrite. Anybody with any sense can see that his environmentalism, which he doesn't live by, is just a ruse to socialize America. And he is you hero. Talk about a fool!!

Steve in DC said...

Anonymous, I am terribly sorry, but enough is enough. I am not a marxist. I am not a socialist. I am not a satanist. I don't even think I am a liberal. I am not any of the labels with which you so gleefully tar everyone who does not share your fantasies.

I voted for Barack Obama, because I found the current programs and political agendas of the Republican Party to be ineffective, and in some cases completely offensive to my sense of what it means to be an American. And I find your constant wee-ing here to inspire the same response in me.

Barack Obama is an elected official. He is not a king. The President never did have, does not have, and never shall have, the kinds of power that you suggest he does. Even if it were his purpose (and it is not) to "destroy America", it would be impossible for him to do so, even if the entire U.S. Congress was behind him. This is chiefly because it is impossible to dismantle the Constitution of the United States. It's already been tried, and I think the attempt shall never be repeated.

Now, Mr. Bush, certainly gave it a good try, but was unsuccessful. Mr. Obama is not trying to do anything of the sort, your delirious accusations to the contrary. And neither is he a traitor. Look into your definition of treason as defined under the Constitution of the United States, and explain to me how anything that Mr. Obama, or anyone in his administration has done, constitutes treason.

Nevertheless, assuming that you are the same "Anonymous" who continues to spew this blather here, the accusations that Obama is a traitor, and is guilty of impeachable offenses, flow from "Anonymous" in a never ending litany.

I invite you now, to enumerate those specific treasonous and impeachable actions that the president has committed, so that we can discuss them intelligently, if indeed they are points truly worthy of discussion. Caution: winning the election doesn't count as one of those offenses. Neither does being black. Sorry!

You don't own what it means to be American. I resent your suggestion that you do, and that people who, after eight years of the travesty that was the Bush Administration voted for the badly needed changes that this administration promises to produce, are disloyal.

In your arguments, it is no longer permissible to deny the legitimate citizenship of the President. And in the future, referring to the readership here who tend to favor the present administration as "you and your ilk", and such similar slurs will earn you and your ideas the oblivion that you invite.

Snarky asides and unsubstantiated innuendo is inadmissible. If you can't debate it straight, then take your spam somewhere else. You bore the shit out of me.

SIREEN said...

S.C. in D.C. is that you? Who ever you are... Here! Here! I so much agree with you & I know Father Farken does too! As much as I despise communism & socialism I find Anon to be a dickless dictator of mind control but Fr. Farken keeps telling me to pray for his sorry ass. And Randy being the man of freedom that he is keeps publishing the bleeping jackhole. I'd a zapped him a long time ago! Steve & Randy thank you so much & bless your heart forever! There! I said it! By the way Anon I don't much like the Rev. Jerimiah Wright but compared to you he is a SAINT!

Steve in DC said...

Hi, Sireen. No, I'm not S.C. I had the pleasure of knowing him in a younger day, when I was growing up in Memphis.

I'm just another Steve, living in D.C.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Bush (also the devious H.W.). Bush and Obama constitute a one-two punch on America. Bush wore the mask of patriotism and conservatism but was almost as subversive. He was in bed with the North American Union crowd. And, I am not a Republican. Republicans are just Democrat-lite and in some respects are worse than the Democrats because they are spineless and the damage they do is more subtle. Their ploy tends to be fake right, then go left. The Democrats are more upfront about their subversion. At least you know what you are getting with them. In regard to the toxicity of the Obama administration all I can say is wait and see. It is no use arguing with lemmings. I just do it for sport...sort of like rattling the cage of a rabid dog. But, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Wait and see what America will be 'tasting' within the next two years (we might be able to buy more time if enough Dems are run out of office in 2012, though). You don't have any arguments against waiting to see what reality will bring us, do you? Can we agree to wait and see? I will try not to say I told you so when the walls come crumbling down. The mess that we are in goes all the way back to the Wilson administration and the establisnment of the Federal Reserve. Historically, Republicans are just as complicit as the Democrats in creating the scenario that will usher in the New World Order. If the Democrats are the Yin, Republicans are the Yang. Long story short...can we at least agree to wait and see? If I am wrong, I will admit that I have been deceived and that I am all the nasty things that you say I am. I might even consider changing sides.

Steve in DC said...

We have no other choice but to "wait and see", and what is to be, will most certainly come to pass. So in effect you are asking me to concede the point to you, by abandoning discussion, and so relieving you of the task of defending your outrageous statements. And outrageous they are.

However, it doesn't let you off the hook. And understand this, please. I am neither lemming, nor rabid dog. And I object vigorously to being referred to as either. What compels you to be so offensive?

I invite you once again, to support your assertions of the past several months, with facts, instead of innuendo. Are you saying that you are only able to repeat the ridiculous pronouncements that you hear and read from talking head entertainers passing themselves off as legitimate journalists, but actually you really have nothing to back it up?

I really do wonder what to think of someone who considers rattling the cage of a rabid dog to be sport.

Anonymous said...

It is just poetic license my new-found friend. I just happen to find liberalism as disgusting as you find conservatism. So, no need to psychoanalyze. Just get in touch with your feelings in regard to those who are Constitution-loving, flag-waving, freedom-loving, gun-loving, Bible-believing, pro-life, right-wing whackos. Got that picture? Well we look askance at Constitution- destroying, gun-hating, Christian-bashing, baby-killing, socialistic left-wing loons. Now, we understand each mystery involved here. If there are some nasty vibes, it is because we right wing nuts feel that you left wing nuts are destroying the America that the Founding Fathers (you know, those deluded white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant guys that so many of you detest) set up. We are involved in a culture war for the heart and soul of America. I know that I will never change your mind on any of this, because I too, at one time, was a deceived, flaming liberal who despised conservatism. To cross sides requires something of an epiphany which all of those who cross the line from liberal to conservative must experience. One has to have a revelation of the deceived, demonic mindset of liberalism and no amount of arguing or reasoning can do that. I know that this expression will cause you folks to puke, but one must be 'born again' (so to speak) to see the destructive nature of liberalism. Ask David Horowitz or any former liberal. So, there is no amount of argument that will change the situation. It is more of a shake hands and come out fighting (at the polls) type of thing now. Having said all of that I will proffer a very short book that can shed light on my political position (I am a staunch conservative Independent, neither Dem or Repub. The Repubs are just subverting us more slowly). It is entitled 'The Naked Capitalist' published in 1970 by Cleon Skousen, a constitutional attorney. There are lots of others, but this one is short and to the point. It takes about two hours to read and presents a good overview of the real global political scenario as it has been unfolding since the beginning of the 20th century. If you should actually get this book, don't forget to read the Appendix in which is a speech by Alfred E. Smith, the former Democratic governor of New York. He supported FDR in 1932, but became so disallusioned with his party (Democrats) by 1936, that he gave a speech to warn the American people that the Democratic Party was being betrayed and was being highjacked by leftists. The situation has been deteriorating ever since. Smith's speech is a stunning indictment against the Democratic Party by one of their own. If the Dems were more honest, they would re-name the party the American Socialist Party or something similar. How can you possibly deny the glaringly obvious fact that the Democratic Party is the nexus of socialism in America? Anyone so deceived as to deny this would probably insist that Richard Simmons is a heterosexual. Your serve...

Anonymous said...

This is primarily for Steve in DC who wants to know where I am coming from politically. This article is representative of an aspect of my political viewpoint. I hope that it doesn't send you running to your regurgitorium. Check this out:

JimBob said...

wait and see...wait and see...,
like a fookin' mynah bird.

Doctor Harold Toboggans said...

Wishing you and yours a non-dysfunctional Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

While in Memphis this pasts weekend (Easter Sunday) I read your "Rant" in the Memphis Flyer.

Typically, for a liberal, you set up a straw man to knock down:

Concerned citizens who protest the expansion of government are only doing so because they are tea-bagging racists.

Unfortunately for the intellectually dishonest...that's you, Mr. have mischaracterized an entire group of people.

You might want to consider that it is the people you denigrate as racists who have been paying the taxes that enable your side to increase socialism through the years.

Now with Congress and the Executive Branches firmly in the hands of committed Marxists, the people who pay the taxes are finally saying "enough.:

You probably never felt the anti-war protests of the 1960s were bad, and you obviously had no problem expressing your hatred of Bush-43, as seen from previous rants.

But now you --- from the party of acceptance and inclusivenessm the party that wants all voices to be heard --- want to shut down dissent from the right.

Get used to it.

Dallas from Austin TX