Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Palin the Pernicious

I understood what the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville was all about as soon as I heard that sound. It was in the audience's response to former Colorado congressman and professional xenophobe Tom Tancredo's wistful reminiscences about literacy tests at the polls, after which he said, "People who could not spell the word vote, or say it in English, put a committed Socialist ideologue in the White House named Barack Hussein Obama." In one phrase, Tancredo managed to insult blacks, Hispanics, and the majority of U.S. voters, and the crowd's reaction was startling yet familiar. Tancredo had harnessed the mob's basest instincts and their reflexive response was manifested in a high-pitched, shrill, Banshee wail that I recognized immediately as the "Rebel Yell." There's nothing quite as chilling as being outnumbered in a clamor of Southern yahoos and good old boys when someone lets loose with the Rebel Yell. I've heard it all my life, and it means "I've got my blood up, by God," and suddenly the air becomes electric with the potential for real violence and "outsiders" find themselves in danger. During last week's Kleagle gathering in Nashville, the Tea Baggers did everything but burn a cross.

And that was before the headliner ever showed up. Sarah Palin gave the mob their money's worth while demonstrating that she could star in the sequel to "Mean Girls." As I listened to her mocking tone, her empty, bumper-sticker platitudes, and her irrational personal attacks on the president, accompanied by the howls of her receptive audience, I remembered where I had seen all this before. Even Palin's grim visage and set-jaw behind the Loretta Lynn hair-do was reminiscent of her true mentor, George Corley Wallace. And the Tea Party crowd is the re-assembled Wallace coalition of 1968 that gathered just enough votes to put Richard Nixon in the White House. Their message was the same then as now; Stop the Socialists and their ideas about Medicaid and Medicare, crush dissenters, oppose the Federal gub'ment in favor of  "state's rights," and return the Negro to his proper place in society. But even the old sege Wallace, in his declining years, saw the immorality of his lifelong convictions and spent his final days visiting black churches in Alabama, begging for forgiveness. Sarah Palin is just getting warmed up.

The former half-governor was a red-meat cornucopia to the angry and fearful, but it doesn't take Carl Jung to figure out what's at work here. Palin has a chip on her shoulder like a 2x4, and there is a mean-spiritedness that underlies her entire message. She suffers from the inferiority complex of the ruthlessly ambitious but otherwise average in a world of the gifted. She is in open rebellion against those whom she sees as the "elites," as opposed to "hard-working Americans," like herself. Palin had previously stated that she never attended an exclusive Eastern University, but worked her way through a series of community colleges, even that one in Hawaii, before earning her journalism degree. She got a gig on local news; she wanted to be a sportscaster; she took music lessons; she entered beauty pageants; all the attributes of someone who wants to be in front of the camera. But when all her efforts came a cropper, she, Todd, and God, found politics. And when Miss Wasilla became the mayor of Wasilla, the cross-eyed girl became a swan. If Palin couldn't be a media star, she discovered that, like a one-eyed man in the world of the blind, a mildly attractive person could be a star in the realm of the ugly. There just aren't that many pretty politicians and the Republican party is always looking for the next Dan Quayle.

Disguising hate speech in folksy colloquialisms is Palin's forte, but even she surpassed the gag threshold by asking Obama supporters, "How's that hopey, changey thing workin' out for ya'?" I know she's in Nashville, but who writes her material; Billy Ray Cyrus? Next, they'll be line dancing to her speeches. The mob went wild when she said that we needed a commander in chief and not a "law professor speaking at a lectern." Didn't the Republicans say the same thing about fellow Nobel Laureate Woodrow Wilson, whose dream of a League of Nations was torpedoed by the protectionist spectre of internationalism. Although Palin was likely referring to Obama's professorial "elitism," judging from the Rebel Yell, her Southern audience probably took it in another way. See, down here, we don't like it when our nigras go off to study law and start believing they know everything. Remember, "They call me Mister Tibbs?" But Sarah mindlessly continued to stoke the resentments of her paid-up, all-white audience, and they responded like a crowd at a monster truck rally. They despise the haughty "intellectuals" of the Obama administration as not being sufficiently American, and pine for bombastic leaders like "Dancin'" Tom DeLay and Trent Lott.

The degree of racial animus varies from place to place throughout the South, but nothing much has changed in the way of visceral attitudes. In Memphis, where there is racial parity, public jibes are now couched in prosaic phrases because it's not acceptable any longer to be openly racist, unless you're former mayor W.W. Herenton who makes up his own societal rules. In Nashville, however, they have no such restraint. I have never witnessed more blatant racism anywhere, than in my decade of living in the Music City. So it was appropriate that the Tea Party Convention was held at Opryland. The conventioneers, dressed in red, white, and blue and $500 lighter in the pocket after the ticket prices, have convinced themselves that they are the "real" Americans, and the true "patriots" upon whose shoulders falls the duty of purging the government of subversive elements. So did the Dixiecrats in the forties, the McCarthyites in the fifties, and the Wallace devotees of the sixties. The only difference now is that the reactionaries have a pretty face to follow straight to hell. After a season of slander, ongoing Hitler imagery, accusations of Marxism and worse, this bunch has revealed its true nature, and just like Johnny Nash, "I can see clearly now." But don't attempt to disguise yourselves as "fiscal conservatives," or "small-government libertarians," when you're nothing more than another in a line of misinformed lynch mobs. If knowledge is power, then knowledge of history is the power to avert bullshit when you see it coming down the path. There's an enormous mudslide on the way.

Thanks to Bill Day for the generous use of his editorial cartoon.


Anonymous said...

Gee, Randy, where do you get your hate-filled point of view about the Tea-Baggers...from watching them on tv? Talk about judging something before knowing all of the facts. Isn't that called prejudice and bigotry? Is liberal hate more to be admired than conservative hate? I have never heard anything close the hate-filled diatribe that you just wrote from a single member of the Tea Party. I am a 'Tea-bagger' and have been going to meetings for quite a while now. The meetings are opened with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. I have never heard one racist remark uttered amongst these people. Race is never even mentioned. The Tea-baggers want their leaders to honor the Constitution which I know is heresy to you progressives. They want smaller government, lower taxes, and a return to free market capitalism with a minimum of government interference. Randy, you have become the very thing that you profess to hate...an uninformed bigot who proselytizes and recruits other potential haters. You know absolutely nothing in reality about the Tea Party movement and this commentary exposes that fact. You are merely spewing forth all of the sterotypes and paranoia that fills your progressive mind and it is a shame that you have reduced yourself to one who poisons other people's minds. You said that outsiders would be in danger around Tea Party folks. Where do you get the idea that they are violent savages? And why all the race-baiting. Where in hell do you get this perverted idea that the Tea Party is rabidly racist? Have you been to any meetings? Where do you come up with all of your racist misinformation? You are an ignorant rabble-rousing, self-righteous hate-monger who wears the cloak of a tolerant agent of peace and harmony and fairness. What a joke. But then hypocrisy has always been the besetting sin of liberalism. You are going to incite hatred and get someone hurt...all because of your paranoia. You are afraid that the Tea Party movement will set the progressive agenda back, and at least you are right at about that. This is the first time that you have shocked me, because you revealed something disturbing about your heart and mind that I hadn't seen before. Up until now I had thought that you were merely an opinionated liberal. However, now you have discredited yourself and placed yourself amongst the very type of person that you profess to despise...a prejudiced bigot...you're just a liberal rather than a conservative one. You are the journalistic equivalent of a liberal David Duke.

Tennessee Waltzer said...

I am amazed, Randy,that the gathering of Sarah and Tantrumellas in Nashville -- with about a thousand attendees -- was granted the imprimatur of all the networks as "real news," when if a similar left-wing gathering, say Dennis Kucinich and a thousand lefties, would have been dismissed utterly as "fringe" and have gotten no further than C-Span on a weekend. God bless America's corporate media...

JimBob said...

Randy is right again. I watched the Tea Party on CNN and the remarks were disgusting. Even the other state tea parties refused to participate. This was a for profit event and platform for Palin to make some money. That's it.

Sputnik57 said...

Here's the difference between me and the David Dukes of the world. I don't hate anybody, I only despise ignorance. Especially if it's willful ignorance, because it's just so unnecessary.

Cary Wolfson said...

Once again you've hit the nail (or nail polish, in this case) right between the eyes. Here's something that puts the lie to Anonymous' usual disingenuous rebuttal

From this week's Boulder Weekly


The results of The 2010 Comprehensive Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll of Self-Identified Republicans are in, and it’s just as we feared. A majority of Republicans are insane. The poll, conducted by Research 2000, asked a series of questions of more than 2,000 folks who say they’re Republicans, with results that make one wonder whether Fox News is part of an alien plot to decrease human intelligence. Here’s an overview of some of the more startling results:

When asked whether they believed President Barack Obama is a socialist, a whopping 63 percent of respondents said yes, with only 21 percent answering no. Some 16 percent weren’t sure. Do these people even know what socialism is? If Obama is a socialist, then so is George Bush the Dumber.

A quarter of all respondents said they believe Obama “wants the terrorists to win,” while another 30 percent think the issue is open for discussion. About 58 percent say they either don’t believe Obama was born in the United States or aren’t sure.

Hasn’t this issue been settled? How did it even become an issue?

Roughly a third think that Obama is “a racist who hates whites,” while just over half said they believe Sarah Palin is more qualified than he to be president. The vast majority oppose gay marriage, gays in the military and even gays and lesbians teaching in public schools, clearly solidifying the myth that the GOP wants to treat gays and lesbians like second-class citizens. More than 70 percent think abortion is murder, and 67 percent believe that if you’re not Christian you’re going to hell.

We certainly hope they’re right on that last one, because if going to heaven means hanging with these idiots, eternity is going to suck.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit! Your very words reveal an irrational hatred of everything conservative. And you have the arrogance to paint with such a broad brush. You say that all conservative Tea-Baggers are willfully ignorant. Have you cornered the market on enlightenment and wisdom? I'm sure that you think so, seeing as how you are a progressive. The very term connotes arrogance. And, you deny the hatred that is so eloquently projected by what you say. Are you self-deceived or a liar? It is no exaggeration to say that you are the journalistic equivalent to David Duke in spite of the fact that you say that you don't hate. This latest commentary is as hateful a diatribe against people who merely have a different political vision as I have ever heard. To you they are stupid, violent, racist cretins and yet you deny that you hate them. You are one of those folks who will piss on a man's leg and tell him with a straight face that it is raining. Why fib about it? Why not fess up and say that you despise everything that smacks of conservatism? I keep thinking that one day you will develop a tiny modicum of balance, but I now know that that day will never come. I guess the semi-literate lemmings who make up your audience will never tire of your one-sided blather. I am raving, but you pushed a button. I know the heart of the Tea Party from close personal experience. You trash them while knowing nothing about them and this is a journalistic crime. You are poisoning minds and causing them to be as prejudiced and as bigoted as yours.

Anonymous said...

Anon is not a Republican. He is an independent conservative/libertarian who feels that the Republicans are only slightly less reprehensible than Democrats. Both of the Bush's sucked. I have never taken exception to those who slam Bush on this blog. My only complaint is that no one passes the disdain around. Government is the problem regardless of which party is in control. Why are liberals so infatuated with government? Do they despise freedom? Both political parties are moving America toward a consolidated world government and global tyranny. My whole thing is about freedom. Is that so bad? I have never figured out why the old hippie crowd that was so into freedom came to embrace government as the answer to everything. Maybe it's been too long since they dropped acid. And beware of painting with such a broad brush, Cary. You liberals are supposed to look askance at stereotypes, remember? I thought that only conservatives were guilty of stereotyping. Now I know that liberals can be stereotyping, prejudicial bigots, too. It has been said that you are always guilty of that which you condemn in others. Randy and some others on this blog are giving me a fresh revelation of the truth of this statement.

Sputnik57 said...

Mr. Anon
OK, at your insistence, I'll admit it. I'm starting to hate you. And If you call me any more personal names, I'll delete your ass from these posts once and for all. That's my "progressive" opinion. And by the way, your Jewish "Rainbow Swastika" comments are truly offensive and not welcome here either.
If you know the heart of the Tea Party, maybe you should start your own blog. And if you believe that I'm afraid the Tea Party movement will set back a progressive agenda, BY ALL MEANS keep it up.
The Tea Party is just the latest aberration of right-wing selfishness and rebellion against the presumed "pointy-headed intellectuals." It is an anti-intellectual movement as old as the "populists" who began it in the twenties, full of anti-Science activists and corporate shills. You can't see that though, right?
Your conservative idea of small government, when did we ever see that? Nixon? Reagan? Bush? Budget busters every Republican one of them.
And in case you did not know, small government conservatism does not work when the economy is on the brink of collapse and the country is on the precipice of Depression, where the last conservative government brought us.

JRL said...

Randy, you're a brave man to open yourself up to the kind of resentment you stir up in people such as the guy who wrote that long, negative comment. You're right about the underlying element of racism amongst many of todays Republicans. I'm no history expert, but in my lifetime, it seems to have started in the 80s, that is, the conversion of the Republican party to the "Moral Majority" party, with all the implications. Ronald Regan seems to have been the first president to have a two way hook up to God.
I feel strongly about the state of things, as you do, but I'm not so willing to take the stage w/o a good bit of chicken wire between me and folks in the bar.

Anonymous said...


Bo said...

The Nashville Convention was boycotted by other state Tea Party organizations. Even Eric Ericsson of RedState.com called the Nashville convention "scammy," after Sarah Palin's fee was revealed. The Nashville meeting did not represent the mainstream of the movement.

Anonymous said...

I just said that Republicans are almost as guilty as Democrats in regard to the sorry state of the union. With the exception of Reagan, this has been the case since Eisenhower. The Tea Party is much more anti-progressive than anti-Democrat. Their mission is to remove progressives regardless of party affiliation. I have regained my composure, so I will quit the name-calling...I beg your pardon, again. I don't get your offense at the Rainbow Swastika, unless you are a New Ager. If so, I won't bring that back up. I just thought that you would be interested in Hannah's perspective. Actually, the referral to the Rainbow Swastika was a friendly gesture. And, when folks talk about smaller government these days, it is in the sense of slowing the growth of government down. Everyone knows that it can't actually be shrunk at this point. Bottom line, the Tea Party wants a return to a Constitution honoring government. Is that a thing to fear and despise? I don't understand how someone can have such animus for the founding principles and documents of America. And by the way, I don't hate you or even dislike you. I could never hate a man for merely having a different political point of view. You really shocked me when you said that you are beginning to hate me. That is truly disturbing and lends creedence to some of the more draconian things that have been said about progressives. It has been said that there is a genocidal streak amongst some progressives. I guess there are folks who could be incited to kill because of ideological differences. I will try to walk more softly and carry a smaller stick. I don't want to be accused of being a hate-monger.

Anonymous said...

BILLY WICKS...Anon was a big fan of yours back in the 50's. I went to some of your matches. You were an American hero back in the day. I think that it is fitting that Randy was a fan of the degenerate Sputnik Monroe while I (and from what I remember, just about everyone else) was a fan of yours. You were the All-American boy. I'm glad to know that you are still amongst us...God bless you!

Father Farken said...

My brothers & sisters of the BAH! Peace be with you! Me day is pretty much tied up but I have a wee window! As you know my politics can be summed up in the words of Webb Wilder & The Beatnecks "If you don't think Elvis' is number 1 you are full of number 2! I don't know a tea bagger from a two bagger! I take that back! Sarah Palen is no Two Bagger! She reminds me of me in that she rights notes all over her hands while she speaks! She better be careful however! I once was preaching with words on my hands while I opened up my middle finger reading in a loud voice ..PHARISEES! Believe me! Not the right word while shooting a bird at your congregation.
About the Tea Baggers! Some are every day heroes that Randy wrote a song about! Some are dirt baggers! Tom Tancredo's Credo appealed to the dirt bag in all of us! He should be ashamed!
I don't understand the big deal with the word progressive. We are all a work in progress. G*d is the Potter..we are the clay! Nothing static there! Our faith is in a Living G*d which means our faith is a faith in progress. Jesus talked about He was the vine...we the branches...Sounds progressive!Anon! Get out your baby pictures then look in the mirror! Damn! Even you are a progressive! The real deal is not whether we are Liberals or Conservatives but whether we are ministers of life or death...ministers of love or hate...ministers of reconciliation or ministers of destruction. Choose life! Choose love! Choose reconciliation! Anon! A couple of weeks ago you let your guard down and showed some humanity. You really have to put aside your persoal attacks against Randy! It's time to beat that damn sword into a plowshare. You have way to much to offer! Remember! This is Randy's show. If you throw stones you can be asked to leave. It may not be easy to turn the other cheek or atleast disagree in more constructive ways but an old street fighter like you can learn to treat everyone as if they are a child of G*d!Anon! You are piece of work....a work in progress! Much Love! The Peace of the Lord!

Johnny Yuma said...


Anonymous said...

Father, I take it that your words were directed at both Randy and me. There is nothing wrong with sparring with words and ideas. I think that it is a good thing to stir up debate. At least I don't hate or even dislike Randy. I think that he probably hopes that I am part of the coming progressive purge. Actually, I am rather fond of the regulars on this blog like you, Gregg, Sireen, and some others. It isn't the worst thing in the world to have a differing world view. And yes, I was a street fighter at one time, but I am an old man now and fight with words. Don't be so thin skinned. I can guarantee you that I hate no one , especaially when it comes to religion and politics. I had very conservative parents and Randy probably had liberal parents. We are both victims of our upbringing. I did take a brief tour through liberaldom, but I repented of that long ago.

Gregg said...

Will have to get back later for a more full attempt at commenting, but a thought.

Presume that all the readers of this were in the know...had the bottom line on the real potential, intellect, and desire to help their constituents (over themselves) of all the candidates. And presume that we all had decided that there was one who was by far the tops in all those categories, and there was one who was obviously the worst in all those categories.

Let's say that the one who was the worst had done a deal with the big employer in town and had their backing. Sweet deal for him and for them. And now by virtue of the Supreme Court which has said that the good ole constitution should allow our big corporation ( which by the way only cares about it's bottom line....remember that...only care....bottom line profit...got that? good.)...that that corporation should be able to put as much money as it wants into the race. Let's just say that all the money in the town available to spend on this race is $1000. That'll come from the few who care enough to take some money out of their pockets and write a check. Well, let's say the corp. decided its in its best interests to get it's man in and spends $5000 and gets all the TV time and while doing so spreads rumors about the guy we, the constituent counsel for better small government, lower taxes, let's get right on back to the constitution, the American way, all that, think is really the best man....suppose we see that the corp is going to get the scumbag elected?

What should we do?
And how are we going to feel when our neighbor (good guy, known him for years) passes on the bullshit bad rumor about the guy who we know is good and our neighbor then also passes on the other bullshit about how good the jerk is that the corp is buying an election for....when we see our neighbor at the 7/11? The TV poisoned him. Holy shit! Good guy, too. Now sold a bill of goods by the corporation. Shit!

How are we going to feel about the intellect of our neighbor, good guy that he is? And what are we going to feel about a government that allows the corporation to steal not only our money but our elections?

There is no democracy in that scenario, dear friends. Anyone who thinks that when you pay Sarah Palin to stand up in front of a crowd and say things like, "good is good" and "by God, bad is bad". "So, there you have it." "And hey do you like my ass?" And then walk away with a check for $100,000 from all the idiots in the hall. Anyone who thinks that's the kind of intellect we need in a world as complicated as this one is an idiot. Worse, if we were at war, I'd throw the whole hall of them in the brig and get them off the front line because they'd screw everything up and put all the guys fighting to keep themselves and everybody else alive at huge risk.

Randy is right. Unless you were there to see her ass and wish you could grab her for a long weekend but instead were there because you wanted to really hear all the important things she had to say, you don't have the intellect to have the vote.

I think I'll start a Tancredo Literacy test. If you think Tancredo is literate you can't vote.

I guess that would include Senator Shelby who wouldn't be able to vote in the Senate so maybe we'd have some officials doing the business of the country.

Looks black and white, right?
Is black and white.

Gimme a Break said...

Dear anon
You have learned some valuable information today.
This blog is not an open forum. They are not interested in opinions that contradict theirs.
In fact if you persist in disagreeing with the lemmings they will shut you out.
I appreciate your reason, but you are not dealing with reasonable open minded people.
However, don't give up. I know it irritates the hell out of Randy to be opposed so logically.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the rednecks, racists, right wing radicals invoke Ronnie Reagan. Fact is, Raegan had alzheimers when he was voted into office! What a swell guy to emulate. The bush's did him justice. We just need McCain to finish the job... Speakin of McCain. ... I have it on good authority that Steve Schmidt, the former McCain campaign aid whose job was to bring Palin up to speed on world affairs at McCain's Az. ranch actually videotaped the sessions. These tapes are supposedly on the ready for media distribution since Palin went rogue on her handlers. Wow, what a bright bulb she'll appear when she doesn't know Hawaii is a state! More to follow.. Much more. We're gonna take this one home on teedoffparty.com, coming soon from the rebel headquarters in lovely Memphis Tennessee. See you in the funny pages....


Anonymous said...

Gregg, Sarah Palin donated the fee that she was paid back to the Tea Party movement. Thanks for the encouraging word Gimme A Break. I just enjoy sparring. I know that I will never get anywhere with these folks. Becoming de-liberalized requires something of an epiphany...ask David Horowitz. I know because I once was a liberal and no one could talk me out of it. My older brother tried for years. Much like David Horowitz, I did have an epiphany that was helped along by my years of working in education. I saw first hand the destructiveness of liberalism and moved back along the ideological spectrum. The American educational system has been all but destroyed by progressivism. For that matter so has the rest of the country...ever since Woodrow Wilson, at least. One of the Bolsheviks on this blog asked me if I would forego Social Security and Medicare, a couple of socialistic, progressive programs. I didn't answer back at the time, but the answer is a resounding 'yes'. The material comforts of these programs are bankrupting the country and I would rather go to the grave poorer and sicker if America could remain strong and healthy. But, the die has been cast. We made a deal with the Devil to take the broad, easy path that leads to destruction. Now with all of the bailouts we have even begun to socialize risk. The big money boys will never exercise caution now that they know that the Gov. will bail them out every time, and yes, I know that Bush followed Clinton's lead in this matter, but Bush is also a progressive (albeit a rather conservative one). I really have doubts that the situation can be turned around at this point. It will take a miracle of biblical proportions. Once the progressives put a lock on us at the global level, they will take off their masks and it will be hell to pay...guaranteed. At that point, saying I told you so will be no consolation. All of the folks who think that progressivism is so wonderful will find out to their horror that they have been had. Sort of like finding out that the girl of your dreams is a homocidal maniac after you have married her. And, you are right. Liberals tend to behave like pissed off women when they have been dissed. That may be due to latent homosexual tendencies. Most of the liberals that I have known over the years have not been very manly, but have been rather effeminate...think Allen Combs, the poster boy for liberals. Hell hath no fury like a woman or a liberal when they have been scorned. Another one of the losers erroneously thought that I lived in Eureka Springs, Ar. (that's about 1300 miles east of my current location) and said that it terrified him that the old hippies there had not 'set me straight'. I am 6'4", weigh 245 lbs. and have worked out all of my life. I never met a hippie that wanted his face torn off. They were all way too cowardly which is another liberal trait.

gregg said...

Yo, 6'4" anonymous. I could have sworn that all the people who used "anonymous" had the balls of someone about 4'2", had pimples, had real bad posture, and did all their typing from a lit closet in their daddy's basement workshop. And, whoa!! 6'4"!! Does that mean that you're not a homosexual? Do your friends know about this?

Now, I'm starting to be sorry that I responded the way I did above. And I feel that you may have misinterpreted what "liberal" means. To me, it means that the "liberal" person tries to figure out what would make the most sense for the most people. So..it doesn't make the most sense for the most people to go back to Jamestown because most of those people died of scurvy or pneumonia or an infected limb that became gangrene. And to me, it doesn't make any sense to go back to Philadelphia in 1776 because in Philadelphia at that time, a lot of kids (could have been yours if you were alive then) died of measles, asthma, pneumonia, and meningitis. Messy funerals, the ones for the two year olds. So, we have to think about the world as it is now.

2010. Boy, we better do some thinking. A bit more complicated now. You know that, right?

And I wouldn't want to have the Republicans deciding how my family or yours (see, there's that "liberal" thing...I was thinking about your family. Shame on my all American 6'10" ass.)...I wouldn't want your family or mine to be in the position where we'd have to sell our house and all our belongings because you or I got sick.
Yo! I got insurance, Man!!

Sorry, son, it's gonna cost you more than your coverage. My, that is a shame.

Yeah, but hey I'm an American!!!

Oh, goodie for you. I am from the insurance company that spent 20 million dollars on the guy who is now your representative in Congress and he's gonna vote to prevent your coverage from taking away from my profits. Truly, truly sorry, young fella. I don't give a damn about you or your poor stupid family. I'm the real American here. I own this big business and my bottom line is the bottom line of my country. Suck on this on your way out to the street, sucker.

But, sir, I worked hard my whole life. I paid my taxes. Your company fired about 50,000 of us to make sure you made your quarterly estimates and now I have no insurance.

Whoa, kid, you're breaking my All American heart. Security!!

But sir....your profits and the rest of the profits of the companies like yours (who take dollars out of the delivery of care so that you can have a profit and all those big buildings) could go to pay for real care. IT'S WHAT MAKES THE MOST SENSE!!!!

There you go with all that "liberal" MAKING SENSE business. You guys are all alike. Pussies. I'm 6'4". I'm an American. I don't need to make sense.

Hey, anon, I want to see your 6'4" muscular American ripping snorting fearless ass in my ED with no money. What's that in your eyes, hot shot? Is that fear? Where are going to get care for you child? The guy who just fired you because Sarah Palin, our new prez, who was making the big decisions and has the brains of half a stump, must have taken a wrong turn.

Let's see. You. Profits. I think you lose. No health insurance? Pick yourself up by your bootstraps, shorty. Nobody biting? Kid's sick. Nobody accepts your welfare insurance? Aw, man.

Sorry, but tha's America. Oh, yeah. I've got a job. Do me a favor, son, ask the bartender to bring me a cold one. I'll give you a dime for your trouble, you pitiful schmuck.

But, hell, if I was a liberal maybe I would have made sure that there was insurance for everybody including you, big strong guy. But, who needs to MAKE SENSE. Liberal pussies do that.

Reality sucks, big strong guy. Try it for a few days. Then, join us to change it.

Anonymous said...

Gregg, who said that we don't need insurance reform. I have said a number of times that I wanted insurance for everyone. I just don't want the 2400 page monstrosity that is currently being proffered, especially since no one knows what is in it. I am for more free market solutions, like tort reform and opening up competition between the insurance companies across state lines. If, after measures like this, we are still short, then I will be glad to pay higher taxes to make up the difference. Where do you get the idea that I want people to suffer, starve, etc? Gregg, reading your commentary made me realize that both sides tend to characterize one another in the worst possible light. I know that all liberals are not as I portray them and all conservatives are not the heartless beasts that you make them out to be. I guess I rattled the liberal cage too hard. So, I am getting back what I have put out. There really is a karmic law. I am sorry to have seriously disaffected you. I enjoy reading what you have to say. You have a very novel way of communicating which I have always appreciated. I am sorry for putting you in a bad frame of mind. My imagination carries me away sometimes. I am very bad at making points by using hyperbole. This causes me to come across as more extreme than I actually am. I harbor no ill will toward anyone or any group. As a conservative, I just have a different opinion of how to handle matters. I don't want to starve children or have people beaten, or do any of the other terrible things that you characterize conservatives as holding to. On the other hand, I know that liberals are not, generally speaking, as fucked up as I make them out to be. Everyone has a point of view that has been shaped by his life experiences and some points of view just will never harmonize with one another. But, I can do without the hate and I am sorry for pushing things to the point where folks are getting mad. I am not a touchy-feely guy and I can be a little bit abrasive when I attempt to make my points. One more thing, you made way too much of what I said about my size. I said that specifically in regard to the guy who said some hippies should 'straighten me out'. I am sure that he meant that in a physical sense and I was explaining why that would not be a good idea. I didn't mean to get my ass up in the air. I am older than you guys (mid-60's) and have had one heart attack. My bad ass days are long gone. One final thing, what makes you think that I want to roll things back to the Jamestown days? Is it so terrible to want our government to abide by the Constitution, to cut spending, to lower taxes, and to keep government out of our private lives? I have already said that by smaller government I mean that we should slow its growth down...not shut down every bureaucracy in Washington. I just want to moderate government growth so that it doesn't completely take over the private sector and convert our economy to a command/control economy. Does that make me a knuckle dragging barbarian? We all tend to read too much into what is being said and take huge liberties in characterizing the other side as being draconian. I say all of this to extend an olive branch.

Sonny C said...

FYI (Fer Y'alls Infotainment)
The Guardian UK
Ed Pilkington

"America's disparate army of angry conservatives assembled under one roof yesterday at the first national tea party convention in Nashville, amid controversy over an opening speech which preached bigotry bordering on racism.

...amid talk about fiscal conservatism and the "subversine threat" of the green movement, there was also a strong undercurrent of a cultural bigotry which previously had been kept to the margins of the tea party phenomenon."

I'd say if you don't want to be labelled as a racist then you shouldn't hang out with them.

Jimmy Reed said...

Hey Boss Man! Can't you hear me when I talk? You ain't so big! You just tall that's all! Midget Wrestling Fan and Rock-n-Roll Blues singer Jimmy Reed

Anonymous said...

I generally eschew labels, because in the hands of people who, in their desperate "conservative" zeal to discredit anything being proposed by "liberals" or "progressives", they ignore or won't allow themselves to see just how stupid (not just ignorant, but also stupid) their standard bearer actually is. My abhorrence for labels notwithstanding, anyone who thinks that Sarah Palin is America's salvation is truly devoid of any redeeming qualities. Not American; not even human. Get a life "conservatives', "teabaggers", or whatever else you choose to label yourselves as, because all this ridiculous, meanspirited, ignorant crap is gonna come back to bite you in the ass.


Greg the second said...

You might as well be anonyomous, "greg" doesn't tell us who you are?

Anonymous said...

Global Warming 101

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill..." Alexander King and Bernard Schneider, The First Global Revolution (New York: Pantheon Books, Club of Rome, 1991), p.115.

"...we need some broad-based support to capture the public's imagination. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts...Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest." Professor Steven Schneider, discussing global warming, quoted in "Our Fragile Earth", Discover (Oct., 1989)

"No Matter if the science of global warming is phoney...climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world." Christine Stewart, then Canadian Minister of the Environment, as reported in the Calgary Herald, Dec. 14, 1998.

Contemplating these quotes alone will enable the person of average intelligence to see through the global warming scam. Let's take a look at a little history of the scam. The original organizing principle of the global Marxist cabal was the threat of nuclear war. However, this was not gaining the requisite traction amongst the people of the world. In 1968 the Club of Rome came up with the idea of replacing the threat of nuclear war with the threat of global eco-disaster (see quote above). The first Earth Day was held in 1970 and from then on the movement grew to have the desired traction amongst the people. However, the first version of the scam was that of global cooling. An issue of Time magazine in 1974 presented an essay in which the crisis of global cooling was explained to the public. Shortly afterward John Holdren, Obama's Regulatory Czar (amongst other collaborating alarmists) wrote a book to back global cooling up. Unfortunately, shortly afterward global temperatures started rising so the cabal had to regroup and come up with the new lie of global warming which everyone is well aware of. However, ten years ago global temperatures started to decline again further frustrating the scamsters. The very latest lie is that global warming is causing global cooling and is the cause of the current blizzards. You can think of this bullshit as counter-intuitiveness on steroids. They say that warmer air holds more moisture (this much is true) which results in increased snowfalls. The second half of that statement is bad science, but the product of our dumbed down regressive educational system will not know the difference. Anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of science knows that warm air does hold more water, but here is the rest of the story. As temperatures cool in the Fall this excess misture is 'squeezed' out of the atmosphere as rain. Ever noticed that it rains a lot in the Fall? If the lie were true, we would have Fall rains resembling the biblical flood. By the time winter gets here the excess water has already fallen as rain. So, global warming is NOT causing the current blizzards. So, nice try liars. Here's the bottom line. The global warming scam is designed to enrich the fat cats who own and run the carbon trading businesses. Your hero Al Gore is one of these. He is one of the owners of Generation Investment Management, a carbon trading business, and stands to make mountains of money off of the scam. Besides those who own these businesses, bankers all over the world will also get rich off of fees generated by the trading of carbon offsets. The draconian taxes imposed by Cap and Trade will drain the common man's assets and provide more revenue for our government to throw away on worthless programs, but that is a side issue. The UN's role in the scam is to require that each of the developed countries donate 2% of their GDP each year (a penalty for being major polluters) to developing countries. Of course, the dictators will get most of this money.

Anonymous said...

Put this in your prejudicial pipe and smoke it. You presume too much. I had a fit when McCain chose Palin for his running mate. For that matter, I had a fit when McCain was nominated. I knew that he wouldn't be elected even before he made the Palin error. I knew that the choice of Palin was the kiss of death for his campaign. I admire the woman for what she has made of herself, but I shudder at the thought of her being our President. She is a good woman, but she just doesn't have the scope of knowledge nor the requisite wisdom to be President. So, Anon agrees with you on this issue. Parenthetically, I wince at the products of our government schools as evidenced by some of the compositions on this blog. It is not your fault. It is just another evidence of the failure of our dysfunctional government with its ever lowered standards. I suspect that that is one of the ploys used to make everyone 'equal'.

Give Me A Brake said...

Anon! Those elitist are just trying to get you to slam on the brakes but like Toyota-Your brakes don't work!

Give me a Toyota Brake said...


Cousin Cliff said...

Here's a report in The Wall Street Journal's on-line edition from someone who was actually there, University of Tennessee Law Professor Glen Reynolds (of Instapundit fame). He talks not only about Sarah Palin's speech, but also about several black Tea Party candidates challenging entrenched Republican incumbents. Sounds like quite a different event than the one you imagined, Randy.

Cousin Cliff said...

Bad link in the last comment. Try this one: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703382904575059293624940362.html

Cousin Cliff said...

Sorry, can't get the link to work. Here is the page and Prof. Reynold's article can be found at the top:


Anonymous said...

"...misinformed lynch mobs". Talk about liberal arrogance and ignorance!!! Sounds like someone needs to get away from his computer and out of the house to check the pulse of the real world. Do people actually read this blog to become informed? This is propaganda of the worst kind. I would even classify it as yellow journalism. Did this Sputnik guy even manage to graduate from high school?

Anonymous said...

Give Me A Brake, I love and admire Sarah Palin, but I wasn't kissing anyone's ass when I said that I wouldn't want her as our President. She just doesn't have the intellect or the breadth of knowledge for the job. Maybe a cabinet post would be ok, though. We desperately need someone with some business and economics sense. Also, someone with some backbone and balls. This leaves the Democrats out. I am taking a hard look at Mitt Romney. By the way, it looks like we may have another kindred spirit judging from whoever posted at 3:24. At least he/she has a discerning eye. Some of the anonymouses need to get handles so that we can tell them apart.

HTML Mechanic said...

Here is the link to Glenn Harlan Renolds's article:

Glenn Reynolds Article

Anonymous said...

Dear Randy,
Loved it, loved it, loved it. Thanks for being a brilliant and brave writer.

manorchurch said...

Great googly-moogly! I haven't seen a poster lay claim to being 6'4" and having "worked out all [his] life" since the great and wondrous Cyclintom (PBUH). What contact I've had with the TEA partiers occurred when they had the march in downtown DC. I talked to many of them. God, what a stupid bunch. Usually, TEA behavior can be ascribed to simple ignorance, but I'm a witness: Stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I want to share a great idea with you that I just heard on a talk show. Since gouging out a hole in the back of a baby's head and sucking out it's brains is deemed to be a merciful way to end the infant's life, then why don't we use this humane procedure to execute our criminals. That is perfect logic. If it is good enough for babies then why should it not be good enough for adult criminals? I am going to email my senator and congressman.

manorchurch said...

I vote to block Billy Wick's IP address. He's a wacky.

Anonymous said...

Liberals have gained a lot of ground over the years simply by calling various groups of people names. Think of the political and economic capital that has been gained over the years by calling people 'racists'. There are people that will surrender all of their worldly wealth and perhaps even their first born to avoid being labeled as racist. The new bogey word is 'stupid' or 'unevolved'. I especially love it when manifestly ignorant liberals use terms like that in regard to people that are as far superior to them intellectually as the average person is to a cockroach. I hate to break it to you folks, but conservatives are no longer going to cave in just by being called names. You folks need to grow out of your elementary school name-calling tactics.

Gregg.. said...

The liberal "name calling" is a two fold technique.
1) It put you on the defensive and changes the subject.
2) Gives us something to say to cover our lack of knowlegde of the issues.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis, Gregg. That was very left-brained of you. Is that evidence that you are psychologically balanced? Possibly so. That was so good that it made me think that I had read it in a textbook somewhere.

Anonymous said...

When the incriminating emails from East Anglia University were releashed, one of the issues dealt with the Medieval Warm Period. This period lasted from 800 a.d. till 1300 a.d. The average global temperatures ran higher then than they do now, and this period occured before the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the internal combustion engine. The climate researchers were in a tizzy because this information had to be hidden from the public, because the data exposed the current global warming hoax. Of course, in spite of all of the current exposures in regard to the hoax, the Obama administration is going to pursue climate change legislation unabated. Does he have any idea how this looks to sane people? His administration is nothing but a polished version of the mafia...a thugocracy.

manorchurch said...


A Patriot said...

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem lies much deeper and is far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president". The Spirit of the Founding Fathers

A Patriot said...

Obama is a shill and a puppet for his Marxist globalist masters. His assignment is to apply the coup de gras to America and to hand her over to the globalists. It has been said that he is either absolutely incompetent or he does what he does by design. I believe that there is plenty of evidence to support the latter view. He cares nothing for America. His role as President is just a stage for the display of his monstrous meglomania.

manorchurch said...

Jesus, Patriot, what ignorant bullshit. Name ONE, just ONE, Marxist globalist master that controls Obama. Come on, name just ONE. Cripes, why does the world have to put up with you ignorant assholes? Do you dip your head peyote juice every morning?

Anonymous said...

Communism may have proven itself not to 'work', but that doesn't mean that the communists (Marxists, whatever) have quit trying to dominate our country and ultimately the planet. Forget the -isms...communism, facism, Marxism, etc. One thing that will never go out of vogue is government attempting to exercise control over their citizenry. And, if not kept in check by a constitution such as ours, a government is guaranteed to become despotic. Of course, ever since Wilson, American progressives have progressively trashed our Constitution to the point where it has no teeth. Appoint enough liberal justices and they can declare that 'black' is 'white', or anything else. They can ban God from the public domain and take away our guns. There is no limit to how progressive justices can re-write the Constitution. Progressives in our government can pretty much do anything they damn well please at this point. We are progressively moving toward a command/control economy, and a never ceasing avalanche of regulations over the citizenry will continue unabated. This is happening right before our eyes and won't stop till we are all serfs on our government master's farm. After the government disarms us, there will be nothing to stop them. Do you really think that they are going to give a damn about the Bill of Rights after they get us where they want us? After they subdue America, the dream of the one worlders will come true. Do you progressives really think that the 'good guys' will take the reins of power? Can you imagine the power and the evil of a one world colossus that nothing can stand against? The despotism will create a hell on Earth. The Marxist utopia will prove to be the biggest hoax against mankind that has ever been perpetrated. The folklore amongst the future slaves will tell of a country that once existed where there was freedom and plenty. But that world will be forever dead. Thank a deceived progressive.

manorchurch said...

Anonymous, you lying sack of chicken crap, name ONE Marxist globalist master that controls Obama. Display your most paranoid fancies for all the world to see. Show us your manly power and strength, asshole. And lest anyone get the wrong idea, I don't LIKE Obama! He's not quite as bad as Bush, but he's been a lousy President. Be that as it may, you paranoid extremist right-wing crazies have to be held up for what you are: nutty, lying, ignorant, psychotic fools.

Anonymous said...

Flattery will get you no where. I should have said that most of the Presidents since Wilson have been in bed with the globalists, otherwise known as the UN. It is an open conspiracy and there is plenty of factual, non-paranoid, non-psychotic literature that verifies this. I fully believe that one day the world will be under UN control, but so do lots of people who are not nuts. Do you get all that you know from the state run media? Do some outside research. You won't have to look far. Obama is certainly not the only one to help advance the power and reach of the UN. Both of the Bushes did likewise. Is that fair and balanced? Obama's latest favor to the UN was his amendment to Executive Order 12425 which exempts INTERPOL from our Constitutional restraints. This was done quietly and with no explanation of why he did this. Check it out for yourself. Of course, those who are sympathetic to the one world cause will insist that this E.O. means nothing. Those who know better get a little nervous about such unconstitutional intrusions on American sovereignty. But then the whole motive of the one worlders is to undernmine America's sovereignty. 'Manorchurch' you should know this. Most people of whatever political persuasion do.

Father Farken said...

Manorchurch! Why would you want to have Billy Wicks' IP address blocked from the BAH? With all the cast of colorful characters that throw in their two cents....Why the Legendary Billy Wicks? Billy & I email quite a bit. He once asked me if I really believed that G*d is real. I told him...that was the wrong question! He should be asking G*d if Wrasslin is real! He got a big kick out of that. His worldview may be different from yours but he has a good heart & I consider him a friend! Just what did he do or say to warrant exiled status?The Peace of the Lord! FrFarken

Sputnik57 said...

Say what, Padre?
Anybody messing with Billy Wicks is messing with Sputnik. Who needs a beating?
How can someone else block Pops' address from my Blog?

Father Farken said...

Thanks Sputnik! I guess I wanted to know what Manorchurch's beef was with the great Billy Wicks? And Randy! Thanks for informing me of the passing of Mike Stoker. A shining star! We lift our hearts to the Lord! FFF

manorchurch said...

Hogwash. The UN is the most inept organization on earth, with the possible exception of the Washington DC MetroRail system. Wilson may have had a vision, but his vision never got past his forehead. Ye olde global marxist conspiracy theory is doddering senile paranoia. Right up there with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Poppycock. Hooey. Blather. A pseudo-intellectual product of dumbasses. Similar to stories that might be told to young girls by Mormon elders -- and how they know just what to do to keep the Lord's protection.

Sputnik57 said...

I was growing weary of refuting the horse-crap over and over. It's good to see Manorchurch jump in and help with the shovelling.

manorchurch said...

Eh, when I'm in the mood, I'll throw a little down. It's wearisome to respond to the wackies at every turn. Whenever I hear (or read) the writings of someone who goes for the global marxist conspiracy, or the global jewish conspiracy, or the new world order conspiracy, it is always with some greater or less sense of wonderment ... how could ANYONE be that gullible? that stupid? that uninformed? that incapable of reading just a little bit of verified, accurate history (or in some cases, basic scientific knowledge)?

manorchurch said...

Excuse my learning curve, but I never dreamed that a comment software would allow multiple duplicate names, e.g. "Anonymous". Sorry about that -- everybody can reset their "Maligned, Used and Abused" meters back to zero. That is, except for you devotees of the Global Marxist Conspiracy Theory; you're still a pack of dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

Manorchurch, your arrogance is both breath-taking and staggering. But then, that is true of most liberal elitists. They are fond of calling people names and telling them that they are stupid and unevolved for not agreeing with them. The UN plan is very long range and is designed to work in small increments. It is evolving. It took the EU a while to get cranked up.Let's see if some more regional governments evolve. Give it another 50 years or so. The UN may not have any teeth at present, but as countries keep ratifying treaties with them and as momentum builds, someday that may not be the case. The situation at least warrants watching. I wouldn't be so sure that there is no plan to create a world government. There is a group called the World Constitution and Parliament Association that is serious enough about it that they have been working on a new, global constitution since 1958. Google it and check it out for yourself. And the UN itself is certainly planning on world government some day. They are serious enough to draw up an Earth Charter and draw up a plan for world control called Agenda 21 (World Agenda for the 21st Century). This plan would be completely meaningless without a world government to back it up someday. I would say that at the very least the jury is still out on this issue. And what is so conspiratorial and paranoid about something that is going on right in front of us? Let's say that we have differing opinions on the nature of the danger and the likelihood that a world government will come about. I have lots of other 'dumbasses' for company. Time will tell who is right. Maybe you are, but I don't feel inclined to damn your very existence because you hold to a different point of view. Where is your liberal tolerance...all of the peace, love, and light stuff? Maybe Sputnik needs to re-tool you so that you won't be such an embarrassment to the progressive cause. By the way, I was scolded for calling Sputnik some relatively benign names which I only did admittedly in a knee-jerk manner, and for which I subsequently apologized. I don't like to descend to the level of a name-caller.It shows a lack of class and dignity. I respect Sputnik's intelligence and his journalistic capabilities. I just differ with him politically and enjoy sparring with him and others on this blog. And finally, who could possibly want to ban a national treasure like Billy Wicks? Is being unliberal that big of a crime? Why does he warrant no respect? I am beginning to think that Manorchurch may be an unregenerate hater. I'm not calling you names, but the vitriolic, unenlightened nature of your comments makes me wonder. Maybe things aren't going well in your life and you just need to blow off some steam. If that is the case, rave on.

A Patriot said...

This Tea Partier would like to join the fray.The full text of the World Constitution can be found at www.wcpa.biz. What is the point of working on a World Constitution for the past 52 years if there is no plan for a world government? It is not all paranioa and craziness to be concerned about the possibility that the UN may eventually usurp American sovereignty. If there were no constitutional requirement that treaties must be ratified by a 2/3 vote of the Senate, we would probably have a world government by now. This is why progressives hate the original Constitution and say that it is outdated and should be re-written for modern times. The constitutional limitations on the powers (limited, and specifically enumerated) of the central government crimp their agenda. However, they have done remarkably well at extending the power of the federal government way beyond what was originaaly intended through liberal Supreme Court justices and by simply running roughshod over it through legislation that is never legally challenged. The Supreme Court did pretty well at turning back attempts at power seizing by the Feds until about 1936 when FDR theatened to stack the Court with liberal justices if they didn't rubber stamp his New Deal plans. The Supremes backed off and have pretty much allowed the Feds to run amok with the Constitution ever since. There are actually liberals who scoff at the principle of state's rights and state sovereignty because they see this as in impediment to their free reign of power over the people to implement their agenda. According to them,the common man is just too stupid and inept to manage his own life and needs enlightened progressives to show them the way. Who needs a constitution when you have enlightened beings that can be trusted to make all of the necessary decisions? The constitutional checks and balances is also a problem to them. These measures were designed to dilute the power of government and keep the various aspects of government in check. This is another constitutional provision that keeps them from swiftly setting things the way that they ought to be, according to their divine wisdom. Things would be so much better if we were to establish a benign, progressive dictatorship. Everything could be done chop-chop and all opposition could be ignored, silenced, or worse. Remember, Chairman Mao is a philosophical hero to a number of Obama's functionaries. There was actually a Christmas ornament on the White House Christmas tree with Mao's face on it. But of course, none of this means anything. You stupid, unevolved constitutional conservatives just need to keep your mouths shut, because you are unable to see the political brilliance of Mao, Castro, Che, Pol Pot, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Chavez and all of the other brilliant Marxist luminaries that we should have been following all of these years...stupid patriots!!

manorchurch said...

Oh, my. The whole laundry list of radical right-wing extremist curses, except that you left out the current wacky favorite -- "statist". Slip your mind?

"Arrogant" (absolutely de rigeur).

"Liberal elitist".


"Peace and light lover".

And the creme de la creme:

"unregenerate hater".

The line that cracks me up the most is "And what is so conspiratorial and paranoid about something that is going on right in front of us?" Bwaahahahahha!

Damn straight, wacky. You're not paranoid if they really ARE out to get you. And [with basso profundo intonation] ... they are!


manorchurch said...

"What is the point of working on a World Constitution for the past 52 years if there is no plan for a world government?"

Well, gee, I dunno. I suppose there is the same point as working on the Aryan Nation Manifesto, if only for 20 years or so.

Ya think?

Anonymous said...

Manorchurch you are so poorly informed that there is no use continuing this dialogue...no offense, though. And I do think that the World Constitution and Parliament Assocation carries a little more validity and gravitas than the Aryan Nation Manifesto. You discredit yourself by making such far-fetched parallels. At least maintain some sense of rationality. By the way, how far did you make it in school? You sound like another public education casualty. That is not your fault, but you can make up for some of your deficiencies by reading. Can you get to a public library?

manorchurch said...

Anon: The fact that some organization WANTS to impose a global government acts in no way to actually ACHIEVE global government. All movements religious and political have the stated goal of ALL people being governed under their particular set of criteria. There is no indication WHATSOEVER that the UN is making any progress WHATSOEVER in implementing global government. None.

As for the rest of your sophomoric insults -- oh, for God's sake, man, political rhetoric ain't thermonuclear physics! Read up a bit! Educate yourself! Stop being an idiot who believes in vast worldwide secret plots of treason and conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Your comments tell me that you do not have much knowledge, or at least a balanced knowledge on this subject. You dismiss too much out of hand. Do some unbiased research and then we will talk. Till then, I am not going to waste any more time with you. By the way, I have a good eye for intellectual four-flushers.

Gina Pera said...

Brilliant, Randy. Brilliant.

You. Nailed. It. All.


Amanda Reckonwith said...

It's always easy to spot among the commenters the Limbic System Gone Wild Crowd (tea-baggers, conspiracy theorists, etc.).

Why? They don't use paragraph breaks in their long rants.

Almost always works. Check and see for yourself!