Monday, July 18, 2011

Mirth Control

Dr. Marcus and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. See? I haven't even said anything yet and you're already smiling. That's because the visage of this couple brings mirth. It's like watching Rob and Laura Petrie run for president, only without the wisdom and good humor of the Dick Van Dyke Show. The Bachmanns have five children and have fostered twenty-three others, mostly troubled teens, and God bless them for it. In an age of hypocrisy, at least Michele Bachmann backs-up her virulent anti-abortion views by caring for children who have already been born. There is nothing less than admirable in being a foster parent. If having babies and rearing children were a major qualification for the presidency, however, the logical choice would be to vote for the Octomom. As for Bachmann, she signed a "pro-marriage pledge," last week, created by the Iowa nutbag organization, The Family Leader, that equated abortion, Sharia law, pornography, and gay marriage as evils, and insinuated that black children had it better under slavery. After an outcry of righteous disgust, the group decided to delete that particular paragraph. But not before Bachmann signed it. The only other signee to "the pledge" was Rick "man on dog" Santorum.

Dr. Marcus Bachmann, a self-described "Christian therapist," has come under public scrutiny when it was revealed that his federally funded counseling centers, Bachmann and Associates, offered religion-based, gay-to-straight, "reparative" therapy, a practice that has been derided as "dangerous" by respected psychological publications. The doctor claims that homosexuality is a choice and has advised the parents of potentially gay children that, "Barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined. Just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn't mean that we are supposed to go down that road."  Dr. Bachmann later said that he never meant to refer to gays as "barbarians," but instead was referring to children, as if that made it better. I can't help it, but every time I look at this guy, he reminds me of the illegitimate son of former Dallas Cowboys Coach Jimmy Johnson and Liberace. I confess to having zero gaydar, but watching Marcus Bachmann doing the "Bop" onstage at a Tea Party Rally, was like watching Kevin Bacon on estrogen. From a guy that sounds like Woody Woodpecker and looks like Gorgeous George, I deduce that he's contemplated "going down that road" before. Maybe he's fathered five children but, let's face it, Dr. Bachmann makes Adam Lambert look butch. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Current inquiries have also raised questions about the doctor's credentials. Bachmann claims a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Union Graduate College in Ohio, only no such program existed when he graduated. Unlicensed in Minnesota, "Dr." Bachmann's clinics, while offering counselling services for addiction and other real-world problems, rely on Evangelical teachings enough to question their eligibility for federal funding. The "pray away the gay" therapy only exacerbates the problem. Michele has recently said that she "loves the homosexuals," as much as you can love someone who is an abomination in the sight of the Lord, but this was to neutralize her previous remarks. In an interview, she said that (homosexuality), "leads to the personal enslavement of individuals. If you're involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it's bondage." Is there a straight "lifestyle" that I don't know about? And why do Evangelicals evoke gay imagery to describe human sexuality? Bachmann's campaign for an anti-gay marriage amendment and the Tea Party's social agenda has propelled her past Mitt Romney as the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Now, if we could only change her mind about slavery, perhaps she wouldn't talk about "bondage" so much.

Even Rudy Giuliani has advised Republican candidates to leave the gay marriage issue alone, but Bachmann continues marching as to war with Marcus at her side. Despite tub-thumping for the right-wing sex police, Bachmann claims the election is about economics so she can tout her law degree from Oral Roberts University, now Regents College. May I show you my philosophy degree from Lenny's College? Just before the kick-off to Bachmann's presidential campaign, she and Dr. Bachmann conveniently resigned their long-time membership in the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, just because the church teaches that the Catholic Pope is the Anti-Christ. Michele has claimed she is running for president under God's instructions. Do you suppose God told her to leave her church in order to avoid a Jeremiah Wright moment, or was that her decision? Bachmann's supernatural ascension to the Queen of the Tea Party has usurped Sarah Palin's former place on the charts just as surely as Barry White overtook Isaac Hayes. And to imagine, the leading contender for the Republican nomination's greatest legislative achievement is the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act.

In any other year, views like these from a presidential contender would be alarming. But the Tea Party led Republican Party have shown themselves to be buffoons and paid corporate shills who would sacrifice the American economy before siding with Obama on anything. These people can no longer be taken seriously and must be steamrolled like California 405 before progress is possible. So, please, nominate Michele Bachmann for president; or any of the other Birthers, climate change deniers, anti-abortion zealots, gay bashers, sovereign citizens, or tax refuseniks. Maybe in Obama's second term we can get serious about some New Deal-like jobs programs and governmental infrastructure repair projects and put the country back to work. This requires dealing with labor unions and other socialist organizations that the right abhors. But then, what don't they abhor? Last week's news featured Michele Bachmann leading in the Iowa caucuses, the deposed Glenn Beck receiving rock star treatment by the right-wing Israeli Knesset, and Rupert Murdoch's media empire under siege. I thought I was dreaming. Members of my generation might remember that old song by Thunderclap Newman; "There's Something In The Air." Depending on which way the wind blows, this election year could be a toxic event for right-wing extremists.


Anonymous said...

Just watched this doc yesterday - highly recommend:

For The Bible Tells Me So

Anonymous said...

You put the country back to work by restoring confidence. Get the debt under control by rolling back
spending. Reform the tax code. Remove the loop holes. Have a low corporate tax and a flat tax rate for individuals. That way everybody has skin in the game. As jobs come back you have more taxpayers. What a concept! You would rather have a vast central government try to create a bunch of shovel ready jobs. That worked well didn't it?

Frederick Handel said...

what really can you say, Randy? Wasn't something like these people foretold in the bible....locusts, or cats and dogs flying down from the sky? Am I correct or did Cain say recently that it would be ok to prevent any mosques from being build in our "country".

Where are those space ships when we need them? Isn't it time for all the good boys and girls to be taken to BX--13@444 out there past Alpha Centauri so that they can create a solemn and righteous galaxy?

I sure hope no Muslims ever get space ships. Boy, what would happen if they stumbled on BX--13@444? No good.

performs said...

Hi, Anon10:04. I prefer the option of returning to more progressive income tax rates rather than flattening them further. Our country did pretty good in those times. More people could make a comfortable living then, one income from one job was adequate. Saving was more valued than borrowing. Companies were more generous with their employees and preferred to make superior products that would last and could be repaired. Rather than selfishly “earning” more and more, ad infinitum, through greedy and shady “it’s just smart business” practices, businessmen were encouraged by the progressive tax code to share the wealth.
However, if we must have flat taxes for individuals, let it include the payroll taxes without the cutoff.

fifties said...

Not that baggers and other GOP are concerned about the Constitution.
> federally funded counseling centers of fraud Marcus. Michele, too.
Not mentioned is their stealing tax payer money for NOT farming.
Randy, you have a reader who hangs on every word every week to oppose. What is IT's cut?
They all have one. Take the MONEY! Like phony "gospel singer , REP?" Steve Fincher.
Biggest subsidy, for not farming, taker in the country. Right here. baggers all is_the_Money_Going/ViewNews/ 23_Members_of_Congress_ Receive_Farm_Subsidies_110403
The GOP way, mom and dad both employed trying to buy food and medicine. Children without parents at home. Poor.

Anonymous said...

I must take exception to your column -- children are barbarians, without a doubt. Otherwise, spot on.

Anonymous said...

Anon (above), you convinced me. Before your post, it seemed Marcus was referring to gay children. If he means ALL children, your point is well taken. Another thing: Have you heard Marcus speak? Is he straight? Just wondering. Last thing: Seems we are at war. War in politics, war in religion, war in football. Am I the only one ready to drop out of society again?

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid says it is the worst legislation in history to balance the budget! Are these people out of their fucking minds? You got to be out of your mind to keep these people in office.