Monday, September 24, 2012

Mitt's Meltdown

With zero precincts reporting, we can now accurately predict that the next President of the United States will be Barack Obama. Now that Mitt Romney is une beignet Francais, or French Toast as we call it in the lower 47 percent, his bi-lingual supporters might say his pate de fois gras is cooked. I mean, whose left that he hasn't insulted or offended except the Obama haters? And there aren't enough of those to elect him president. Oh, I'm sorry; I forgot the "principled conservatives," and the anti-tax zealots who are prepared to vote for the architect of the despised Obamacare, and his running-mate, the champion of small government who co-sponsored an anti-abortion bill with shunned Missouri Senatorial candidate Todd Akin, which introduced the term "legitimate rape" to the nation. The slapstick campaign of Romney and Ryan is like watching the Watergate hearings. Every day there's a shocking new revelation that is damaging to Republicans nationwide. By choosing these two escapees from the Ringling Brothers as their candidates, the GOP didn't just shoot themselves in the foot, they blew their brains out.

It was bad enough that Lord Mitt was surreptitiously taped saying out loud to his wealthy donors what everyone thought he believed anyway, but there's a sweet irony that he was done-in by a bartender in league with James Earl Carter IV. The tape made great reality television and opened the eyes of working people everywhere as well as the elderly, the military, and the poor. Romney violated the unspoken alliance between the privileged and the peasants, the filthy rich and the unwashed rubes, the pampered and the propagandized. Not even the 24-hour, Fox News, Mitt Romney infomercial could save this sinking ship from titanic disaster- that is, everywhere except the South. In our blue corner of this red-state wasteland, Romney can still depend on the votes of the resentful Caucasoids, regardless of their economic status. The deceitful have succeeded in fooling the delusional, who will vote against their own well-being before voting for a Marxist, Kenyan, Muslim with a secret agenda to turn the United States into a European-style Socialist state where everyone gives according to their ability and receives according to their need. As Mitt Romney said to his donors in Boca Raton, imagine the chutzpah of the rabble demanding everything from health care, to food, to shelter. Next they'll be insisting on clean water from the tap when bottled water is sold in every 7/11. The wealthy have convinced the middle class- or what's left of it- that Obama wants to take money from hard working taxpayers, and give it to Romney's gangs of loafers and moochers.

A lot of people receive government benefits- Social Security and Medicare recipients, those with disabilities, the working poor like the fireman with two jobs who still needs food stamps to feed his family, and those in poverty who receive some sort of welfare benefit. This is where the real class warfare begins- wealthy Republicans ginning up resentment against the most vulnerable among us by portraying them as lazy, black, able-bodied schemers who live lives of leisure by gaming the system. They've been doing it since Ronald Reagan's "Welfare Queen," and the myth of the "Welfare Cadillac" still lingers on. Seniors and soldiers have earned their retirement benefits and if you've ever known anyone on welfare, then you know that it's a wretched existence. Although there will always be someone looking for an illegal advantage, it's a lie to claim there is rampant abuse of the system, just as it's a lie to divide the nation between "makers and takers," as Paul Ryan has done. His adopted Ayn Rand philosophy may make rich people feel special, but it's no way to govern. It does fit perfectly, however, with the notion that half the populace are mendicants, undeserving of compassion from their government.

I was introduced to Ayn Rand during a vulnerable period in my life by a conservative intellectual who used to work for segregationist Georgia Governor Lester Maddox. He was the accountant of a music producer I was working with while living in a make-shift commune south of Nashville with a psychedelic, hippie band. He gave me a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" to read while the band guys were constantly borrowing my car. The idea that the "makers" could just take their ball and go home, leaving the "takers" to fend for themselves, was an appealing idea when I was 21 and chafing at the communal experience, but I outgrew it when I realized the world is not so simple and we humans are interdependent in every way. Unfortunately, Paul Ryan  has never outgrown his Ayn Rand obsession and sticks by the old slogan that everyone should "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps." Unfortunately, after the Bush Recession, there are scores of people without any boots, but in Ryan's world, "A strong back is a terrible thing to waste." Thus, the easily disprovable lie that Obama has  removed the Clinton era "welfare to work" requirement that is repeated ad nauseum by the GOP. The irate Tea Party knuckleheads believe that entitlements are Socialism rather than part of the social contract, but even Ayn Rand ended up claiming her Medicare and Social Security benefits when she got old and sick.

In 1988, the Democrats nominated another governor from Massachusetts who had difficulty with the personality he projected to the electorate, named Michael Dukakis. He lost in a landslide. So it will be for Willard Romney, and richly deserved. For four years, we have witnessed the Republican Party refuse to lift a finger to help the President, unless it's the middle finger, and now they wish to be rewarded for their treachery. In colonial days, the GOP's obstruction might well be regarded as treason and its perpetrators pilloried. Now, according to conservative former Congressman Joe Scarborough, the Republicans have become "the party of stupid." It would seem that if an eager student has to take the SAT test to get into college, an aspiring politician should have to pass a civics exam before becoming a candidate. This is the point where everything falls apart for them. The Senate Republicans' rejection of the Veterans Jobs Act is only the latest example of a party so desperate to make this president look bad that they would refuse to care for the volunteer soldiers who fight our wars. This will be a washout election where the voters rectify the terrible mistake of 2010 and oust the Tea Party extremists who have impeded the country's progress. Then we'll salt the earth from whence they came so that we'll see them no more. When the election is over, Mitt Romney can return to doing what he does best- making money from the misery of others and firing people that provide him services. Au revoir.



MLD said...

Good job, Randy. Your slamz at Romney are right on. I just hope your optimistic predictions are accurate. Don't forget voter suppression, the Nazi oriented Republican poll watchers (who the Reps hope will be like "seeing the cops following you in the rear view mirror," and any number of other dirty tricks that are planned so the Reps can steal the election-again.

As Obama says, "Don't boo- VOTE!"

Anonymous said...

The "haves" seem to forget about their government gimmes: like the right to deduct home mortgage interest from their tax bill (something renters don't get) or that deduction child care (something the childless don't get) and many more. Or how about that low capital gains tax rate that you don't do a thing to earn, as opposed to the higher rate you pay when you actually work for a living. Pretty much everyone falls into some category that earns them some gimme when you get right down to it.

Alittlegreen said...

Way to go Mr. Haspel, again you put the idiot GOP just where they belong. I'm sure you will suffer the throws of arrows and many, many unkind words, but know this all of you out there... this is the "truth from his eyes" and only an opinion. You have one too and you may voice it, but try not to be hateful and mean. Peace

al anon said...

Once again Sarah Silverman cuts right to the heart of things in her usual absolutely hilarious manner:

Voter Fraud: No Hippies in Wheelchairs

ghg said...

Gloves are off and a trace of blood is sometimes the best spokesman. Always good to read you, RJ. From my standpoint, up here in New England, Obama was always a walk. I believe the debates will highlight the difference between a human and someone who's, unfortunately for him, never seemingly has been able to feel what that's like. It'll be real vs unreal. Too difficult to miss the disparity when you see the two side by side.

performs said...

I have different take on this electile dysfunction presented in this presidential cramp-pain.

I think that the puppeteer powers that be are playing the citizenry (we the people) by encouraging so-called conservative and Republican political players and pundits to spread far and wide the most extreme, really crazy, right-wing ideas in order to make Obama & Co.'s message and practices seem progressive by comparison. They are not progressive, and by the Republican's proclaiming Obama as their enemy, they are encouraging progressives to believe he must than be their friend.

I believe he has made it quite clear who his friends are. As George Carlin put it: It ain't you--you ain't in the club.

Anonymous said...

Talk about the deceitful succeeding in fooling the delusional. This commentary, along with the responses, take the cake when it comes to that. The shocking new revelations that come out everyday about Romney are promulgated by the all but criminally mendacious, pro-Obama mainstream media. You always rail about wealthy Republicans, but the scads of wealthy Democrats are given a pass. Apparently it is only a sin to be wealthy if one is a Republican. What transparent bullshit. Obama certainly doesn't want to take money from hard-working taxpayers and give it to the wealthy. He wants to take money from the hard-working taxpayers and give it to his union thugs or his deadbeat, gimme-something-for nothing, Democratic base...every dysfunctional element in American society. I was raised poor by a conservative father who was a high school dropout and who would have worked six jobs rather than to take pilfered money from the government. America used to have lots of that type of person, but no more. Deadbeats and their enablers now rule the land (and, no, I am not talking about Medicare and Social Security recipients, etc.). I worked with this element for decades. And, by the way, the nation is divided between the makers and the takers. It should be obvious that Romney wasn't referring to Medicare, Social Security, the military, etc. when he made the 47% statement. He painted with a broad brush, but his point was that the takers are growing by leaps and bounds. You lived in the days before the Great Society, a.k.a., the mother of all economic re-distributionary schemes. The Great Society isn't so great afterall. Take a midnight stroll through downtown Memphis and see. If Romney wins, will you have the humility to eat crow? I didn't think so. Obama will probably win, though. Like Hugo Chaves said shortly after Obama's election, 'When Obama is through with America, he will be to the left of both he and Castro'. Truer words were never spoken. The brave new world that we are forging will collapse like a house of cards. Like I have said before, it is no use arguing these things because there is a fundamental conflict of philosophical visions. We are to the point where we can sit back and watch the coming train wreck on an almost daily basis. Parenthetically, I heard about Obama's latest act of disrespect for the Israeli Prime Minister. It seems that appearing on 'The View' was more important to Obama than meeting with the leader of a nation that is on the brink of genocide at the hands of the Iranians. It is beyond comprehension that Obama would let the Jews of Israel and the world twist in the wind while facing the mother of all holocausts which is staring them in the face while Obama plays golf, hangs with celebrities, and acts like a college frat boy. For that matter Obama's entire foreign policy is insane. The Middle East is showing us that. Also, Obama's economic policies are as ineffectual as can be imagined. Maybe he would have done better if he had more experience than being a part-time, untenured law professor and a community rabble rouser. That doesn't qualify him to be elected as dog catcher. And, that is the problem. He couldn't run a Kool-Aide stand. He is the ultimate empty suit, fabricated by a deceitful media. The only thing he wants to run is his mouth. Have you ever kept track of all of this joker's lies? It is an indictment of America that this shyster has been elected President once and it will be the mother of all mind-blowing ocurrences if he is re-elected. But then, America has been dead for some time now. Nothing left but to pick her bones.

Anonymous said...

Whenver Obama attempts to speak without his cheatsheet, a.k.a. teleprompter, he is revealed to be the empty suit that he is. He is merely the black poster boy for the progressive globalists who use him as their sock puppet. Obama is just a living, two-legged race card for them. I believe that the next debate will deal with forign policy. Obama will be eviscerated. That being said, the real comedy will come during next Thursday's vice-presidential debate. The brilliant and very well educated Paul Ryan will debate Joe 'The Mutant Birthday Clown' Biden. That should be like a retard debating Einstein. I can't wait for that one. If Romney steamrolls Obama during the next two debates like he did last night, the election should be very interesting. If Romney wins, I will love to see how Sput spins that one. The Dems really should hire Sput as part of their spin machine. Sput is as good of a spinner, smoke blower, and prevaricator as any of the rest of the Democrats. He should send some of his more bogus commentaries to a Democrat bigwig and maybe his talents could be put to good use by the party.

Anonymous said...

A video clip turned up featuring a speech given by Obama to an all black audience at Hampton University in 2007 (I should say the full clip has been found). Obama addressed the audience not with the elegant speech that he addresses the public with, but rather with black street lingo and delivery. Someone complained that Obama was pandering to an all black audience, but a black conservative said that that was not true. He said that Obama was being his true self before the black audience and the way that he presents himself to non-blacks is the put-on. I had never thought of that. The speech he delivered was almost as racially divisive as anything that I have heard from white supremists. It is chilling to think that the real Obama may be the one who delivered this hateful racist screed. One thing is for sure, he definitely is not a uniter. He constantly pitted whites against blacks. Could he have changed much from June of 2007to his election in Nov. 2008? Not very likely and that is disturbing. Funny how the media seems to have completely missed this story and the frightening possibilities that could ensue. Can you imagine if a similar thing had been done by a white candidate. The media would be all over it and not stop the clamor till the candidate was run off.

Anonymous said...

P.S. There is another clip from 2002 that demonstrates the same racially divisive mentality by Obama, but I can't remember the details. I'll try to find it on the NET.

performs said...

In the SF Chronicle letters section one writer directs her comments to “Dear Mr. President.” Her final comment is: “You seemed to be missing in action last night at the debate. You have my vote because I know the true danger Romney's extreme supporters pose to the health and well-being of this country, but you need to show some spark and spunk in the debates.”

I can only imagine how terribly challenging it must be to muster spark and spunk in a debate when one has expressed nearly none of it during four years in a leadership role. I feel certain Obama, like Clinton and most pols entering the national political arena was indoctrinated in such a way as to cow any true progressive idealism he may have possessed. Mouthing stylized speeches is something one can be trained for and gifted at, but truly embodying lasting values with integrity is a completely different thing. It is probably something like: “Okay, Sonny, here is your goody bag and here are the expectations you need to deliver or you will disappear from the scene in short order.”

It is different for folks like Bush, Ryan, Romney, the Kochs, etc. who possess only the tiniest shreds of lasting or spiritual values. They have faith that all live in a competitive world of every man for himself and use vague phrases that imply otherwise merely to hoodwink and confuse. Because they remain consciously ignorant of the lasting values, they cannot be held responsible to be in accord with them. Obama governs one way and speaks sometimes a different way and that can never be sustained. I am sure he is being torn apart inside himself, and trying to take solace in his outer circumstance of “Ain’t life great, I am the President.”

Real leaders with honesty and integrity are gotten rid of as soon as possible by various means by those who wield the power from behind the scenes. Thus, we end up with non-leader choices like Romney and Obama, either of whom will serve the agenda of the crony capitalists club.

Anonymous said...

Performs, apparently you have noticed the uber-hypcrite Obama's unholy alliance with Wall St. At least you acknowledge the truth of this while most liberals choose to look the other way. Another thing that the egalitarians choose to ignore is that the Marxist ruling class in every Marxist country always live in opulent luxury while the people who put them in power live in poverty. The rulers will throw them a little bit of chicken feed to ensure that they the chickens will perpetually vote for them, but otherwise they don't really give a shit about the poor. The poor are just pawns that are used to keep the socialists in power. Keep up the work of exposing the hypocrisy. This is one thing that you are right about.

Anonymous said...

Someone recently wrote of a plan that could solve much of the conflict and social problems in America. He proposed that the Marxist/socialist leaders meet with the free market capitalist leaders and divide America evenly with regard to natural resources, etc. There would be a Marxist America and a Capitalist America each with its own constitution and borders. In time, without the socialists trying to confiscate everyone's wealth, America would be booming with prosperity. In the mean time, Marxist America would eventually implode because it would have spent everyone's money and consumed all of the capital in an effort to keep their ship afloat. This would result in anarchy, including mass looting, mass destruction, mass murder, etc. Capitalist America would finally have learned the value of defending one's borders and would do so with heavy artillery, because the remaining socialists would want to flee to Capitalist America to continue their destructive ways. They won't suceed and eventually all of Marxist America would die off from their own lack of wisdom and restraint. Then, voile!, Capitalist America would retake the destroyed Marxist country and since all of the Marxist would be dead, America could once again be a strong properous country without many of the social and economic problems caused by the Marxists.
A similar plan was also proposed. This proposal involved the creation of a small country in the desert in which there would be no law and everything would be absolutely free. Free drugs of every kind, free alcohol, free food, housing, utitities, everything would be free. It would be an egalitarian utopia. The only stipulation would be that no one could leave after entering this utopia. Of course in time everyone would die from drug overdoses, alcoholism, and murder, etc. Then the country could be cleaned up, and retaken. With most of the socialists, freeloaders, and bums gone, America could continue in peace and prosperity. This plan may need to be re-enacted ocaasionally. It would amount to a sophisticated form of fly paper. Hey! It could work.

performs said...

The free-market capitalist's and the banksters have been running the world buying or installing the governments of every country. So, where is this peace and prosperity you imagine we should be enjoying.

You need to question some of your assumptions cause, from my point of view, they got twisted at some point. Maybe you could go on an oral fast for a couple of weeks eliminating from your rhetoric and thinking regimen: Marxists, socialists, freeloaders and bums.

Do you think, if not for these people you categorize as such, the world would be filled with happy folks?