Monday, November 05, 2012

Sandy In My Shoes

Woody Allen used to tell a story about his father who had a concession on the Boardwalk where passing men tried to knock down a pyramid of milk bottles in order to win a prize for their girlfriends. One season, a hurricane struck, tearing up the Boardwalk and destroying every edifice in sight, and the only things left standing were those little milk bottles. Woody's dad, Mr. Konigsberg I believe, never saw anything like Hurricane Sandy. For that matter, none of us have ever seen anything quite like this. Sure, there have been a history of hurricanes on the Eastern Seaboard, but none 700 miles wide. The storm destroyed affluent and poor neighborhoods alike, turning both beachfront mansions and inland row houses into rubble, proving that a hurricane has a definite liberal bias. Everyone shared in the misery and news footage from residents in New Jersey pleading for help from their government were really not that much different from the cries of people left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. There was sufficient warning of the storm's severity, so at least people had the chance to find a spot and hunker down. The most surprised creatures in the area were the tunnel rats in New York City's subways. As usual, a Pennsylvania evangelical minister, John P. McTernan, blamed the storm on gays, but faulted both Obama and Romney, claiming, "both candidates are pro-homosexual and are behind the homosexual agenda...the Holy God of Israel is systematically destroying America right before our eyes." I would imagine the God of Israel is busy with Syria and Iran right now, and here I've been told that it was Obama who was destroying America. 
Students of psychic phenomenon will recognize that all this was predicted by the great clairvoyant Edgar Cayce over 90 years ago. Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet," said in a 1936 reading about climate change: "Portions of the now East Coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main, New York, Connecticut, and the like. Many portions of the East Coast will be destroyed." Cayce also predicted a catastrophic pole shift in 1998 and Japan under water. However, the psychic also claimed that the Messiah would appear in Israel in 1999, so Cayce's prophesies are not entirely dependable. If Cayce was known as the "Sleeping Prophet," I wish to be known as the "Slumbering Seer." Although I'm writing this two days before the election, I pretty much know what happened and I don't believe they'll be remodeling the Oval Office any time soon. So, unless states with Republican Governors, like Ohio and Florida, succeed in their plans to suppress the vote, it's the same as it ever was. Or, to quote The Who: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Speaking of "The Boss," it's worth noting that in the final week of the campaign, Obama was touring with an impassioned Bruce Springsteen, while Romney's opening acts were Kid Rock and the Oak Ridge Boys. My heart's on fire for Elvira.
There's nothing like a mammoth, killer hurricane to focus your attention on what's important. The government's response was praised by elected officials from both parties, and to his everlasting credit, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suspended partisanship to work with the president on behalf of the storm's victims. Christie and Obama made an odd-looking duo, like a multi-racial Laurel and Hardy with the Governor asking the President, "Why don't you do something to help me?" For Christie's co-operation with Obama, he was roundly criticized by members of his own party, when only last week he was their golden boy. I'll bet a lot of Jersey Boys, and girls, were glad that he put aside politics to work in their behalf. That's his job. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made an unexpected endorsement of Obama after his post-Sandy performance, and he could give a damn what people think. I'm sure it ruffled Donald Trump's bouffant to see bi-partisanship working on behalf of the needy. FEMA's role in the disaster was night and day when compared to the cronyistic agency it had become under the Bush administration. These storm victims need shelter that only FEMA can provide. This restoration is going to take a long time and people will get frustrated along the way. Can you imagine the neo-Reconstruction era that would result if Romney got his wish to divert disaster relief to private business? His quote about disassembling FEMA came back to bit him on the ass right at the wrong time.
A second Obama term looks brighter than the first, even though the wolves await to excoriate him over the attack in Benghazi, Libya, and believe that he is leading a cover-up about the murders of American diplomats. Fox News hysteria claims that members of the CIA made urgent requests to defend the American Embassy but were ordered to "stand down." Even though the Washington Post's David Ignatius has refuted the claim with point-by-point solid evidence, the torch and pitchfork brigade still want their licks in on Obama. So they speak of impeachment before the votes are even counted. My hope is that some Republicans will emerge, like Chris Christie, that will put country before partisan ideology during the next four years, shed their shackles to Grover Norquist, and actually try to help in the recovery from the Bush Recession. They have failed in their primary mission to make Obama a one-term president; they have failed to wrest away the right of a woman to choose what is best for her own body; and they have failed in their obstruction to prevent the progress the Obama administration has made on the economy and unemployment. Perhaps a new approach, like compromise, might seem attractive in a second term. Mitt Romney can return to venture capitalism and ultimately fade into obscurity, like Bob Dole, minus the character and dignity.
Ironically, the Supreme Court's asinine Citizens United decision, which opened the floodgates for unchecked and a untraceable amounts of corporate money into the political process, probably ended up serving as a second stimulus to a still ailing economy. This was the most expensive race in history with estimates that total expenditures will reach $6 billion. The Koch Brothers and their Americans for Prosperity PAC coughed up $35 million. Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife gave $20 million to the Romney campaign. And Karl Rove's American Crossroads PAC surrendered $100 million, 93 percent for attack ads. The Democrats had their Superpacs too, but lacked the large donors like the NRA, which gave $10 million, mostly for attack ads against Obama for some future fantasy confrontation between government agents and groups of armed "sovereign citizens." That money went to ad agencies, consultants, and home-town TV stations, indirectly helping local economies and employing scores of field representatives. Who says the government can't create jobs? The major problem now, after the clean-up not just from Sandy, but from a second major storm that is churning up the East Coast, is the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. When Democrats lose an election, as in 2004, they agonize over it, re-group, and prepare for the next political battle. When radical extremists, like those hiding under the Tea Party imprimatur lose, they become dangerous.


No Nothing Grinspan said...

Nothing quite as nasty as a Nationalist Party. "Nationalist" is a not too subtle congener for "this is all mine and anyone who thinks differently or appears different to me can die a slow death". (Or a fast death depending on which continent you happen to be on and in which century.) Tea party, Schmee Party...the God of the Israelites doesn't like any of you guys. So, please make your exit. History is waiting to summarize your inconsistencies.

Katie Hutton said...

FEMA is bungling the relief effort. No different from Katrina nd may turn out to be even worse. They can't even figure out where the fuel they sent has gone. Peope are freezing and starving and FEMA is giving them donuts and coffee.I heard that aircraft carriers could be sent in to help the victims.

Steve in DC said... a CONGA DRUM!!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

So much for your usual one-sided bullshit. Can you not cut the pie at least a little closer to the middle? I don't feel like rebutting you point for does no good anyway. But, here is what is really happening beneath all the political bloviating. The much talked about 'demographic tipping point' has arrived somewhat sooner than expected. In another 25 years whites will be a numerical minority in America. But before then, as with the current election,, the political demographic tilting point will manifest. We are now on the cusp of it. What this means is that the Democrats will gain in political power from here on out based on America's rapidly changing demographics. The Republicans will eventually become a tiny voice of opposition. Their influence will continue to wane. So, congrats lefties, you have won the battle for what used to be America's heart and soul. We should see nothing but Democrats running the show for as far as the eye can see. We'll see how this turns out. Especially, when the whites become a numerical minority. When that occurs the white birth rate will plummet for fear of retribution for the past and for not being politically powerful enough to any longer protect their interests. America will become a Third World country with rampant best. Too bad for the young. Seeing as how the game is over, why don't you switch the primary focus of this blog to something else, like what you see coming in the future? From here on out there won't be much serious opposition from the right. Or, you could get into bonzai or interior decorating. What I am saying is why continue to beat a dead horse? Before much longer it will be like trying to continually trip a cripple so that you can gouge out his eyes. Be a noble conqueror.

Anonymous said...

Grinspan, you may be a jew (I feel quite sure that you are not a truly religious jew...a godly jew is something to behold), but you know next to nothing about the God of the Israelites. Where did you get your lame definition of 'nationalist'? Are you saying that that you will sit passively and watch me fill a moving van with all of your possessions? Who in the world says that because you don't look like me you can die a slow death? You are the poster boy for the fact that there is a big difference between intelligence and wisdom. You are plenty intelligent, but you get a flat 'F' when it comes to wisdom, which is a common malady with liberals.

Anonymous said...

Katie, you are talking about liberal hypocrisy. Katrina was an unforgivable sin only because Bush was President. Since one of their own is now President they feel that he is doing a wonderful job in the aftermath of Sandy. And, like you said, Sandy will turn out to be a much bigger boondoggle than Katrina ever was. You are witnessing liberal hypocrisy in action and Sput is one of the purveyors.

performs said...

This link is a strongly stated reason for reconsidering joining in the celebration of Obama's re-election. It is primarily aimed at anyone who may have felt a compelling need to vote for a "lesser of two evils" candidate.
Note of caution: Feel free to delete this unread. Again, it is strongly stated.

Anonymous said...

Performs, that was an excellent article and does a good job of explaining our political predictament. What happens in the end if the situation doesn't change. Keep voting for the lesser of two evils and everything will become more evil, only perhaps at a slower pace, but the end of that path is ultimate destruction. Deal with the devil and he owns you.