Monday, July 29, 2013

Carlos Danger: Private Dick

In the future, when you google the word "chutzpah," after the definitions of "unbelievable gall," and "crass, vulgar nerve," there will be a footnote that says, "See Anthony Weiner." This man defines public humiliation, and yet still he stands, mast to the wind. It's now public knowledge that JFK had a sexual addiction regularly satisfied with a variety of young sycophants and prostitutes, but it was kept private in a world of press discretion. If not for the internet, Weiner would be the guy walking around the schoolyard naked but for a raincoat. Kennedy might have been a conscienceless horndog, but Weiner is a pervert. Hey kids! Let me give you some advice. Nothing stays private on the web, so unless you're a twisted exhibitionist or a porn star, don't take pictures of your genitalia and post them on the internet. And stay away from the creepy man running for mayor of New York City.

When news of the former congressman's serial exhibitionism was revealed, sources claimed Weiner's lewd pics were posted on a website called "" So just for journalistic integrity, I logged-on, so to speak, and sure enough, there was Anthony Weiner, clutching his schvantz. That's not exactly what I look for in a mayor. I would have said "schmuck," which literally means "penis," but that particular Yiddishism has entered the general lexicon and has come to mean something more akin to a "jerk," or "idiot," which is inadequate to describe the superhuman stupidity of this man. I'll admit to enjoying Weiner's performances on the House floor, when he was the only Democratic representative, besides Alan Grayson, who would show genuine indignant wrath at the Republican Party's iron curtain legislative strategy, but I had no idea what he was doing back in the Cloakroom. The incredible thing is that this man has no shame. So what if he resigned in 2011 over sending innapropriate photos over social media and lying about it. He seems to believe that his talents are so invaluable to the city of New York, his "hobby" will be discounted by voters. The only constituency Weiner has in the bag, however, is the flasher vote and they rarely show up at the polls.

More tawdry than Weiner's online exploits was his dragging his wife into this ungodly mess. But Huma Abedin, Weiner's wife of three years, said she had agreed to a joint press conference of her own accord. Abedin, a career Hillary Clinton staffer since 1996, said she forgave Weiner his indiscretions and supported his mayoral candidacy. I wonder what Mrs. Clinton thought about Abedin's decision to "stand by her man," since Hillary was confronted with exactly the same circumstance in Bill Clinton's presidential campaign of 1992. Pundits as varied as Maureen Dowd and Rush Limbaugh have speculated that the two women's motives for staying with their lying husbands were similar: the desire for fame and power. Although Rush added racistly, "Huma is a Muslim. In that regard, Weiner ought to be able to get away with anything." Both women's forgiveness enabled their husbands to continue their aberrant behavior as if they would never get caught; Clinton in the White House and Weiner, after he resigned from Congress. And like Monica Lewinsky, a University of Indiana coed with the porn-appropriate name of Sydney Leathers has come forward with sexually explicit text messages and pictures that she exchanged with Weiner last summer. "I thought I loved him," Leathers said when it was revealed that Weiner offered to buy her a condo in Chicago and get her a job with Politico.

The text messages are as nasty and smarmy as anything you might imagine. Read them if you must, but after I did, I felt the need to take a shower. Going by the now-famous and much mocked moniker, Carlos Danger, Weiner admitted to sexting and sending pictures of Little Elvis to up to ten women. A respected news source immediately turned up three more women who were treated to Weiner's "selfies." Over the weekend, Weiner's campaign manager, Danny Kedem, resigned over the latest batch of tasteless texts, but Weiner pledged to remain in the race because, "it's about the middle class." It's actually about the no class. "We knew this would be a tough campaign," explained Senor Danger in one of the understatements of the year. Promising that his twisted tweets were "behind him" somehow oddly made it sound worse. Weiner explained that he returned to his pet perversions, "during a rough time in our marriage," seemingly placing the blame on his spouse for his nasty conduct. But now Huma is onboard as Weiner's dinghy drops like a stone in the polls.

This walking punch-line of a person may have a strategy. If no one in the mayoral primary gets forty percent of the vote, a runoff is mandated between the top two candidates. If Weiner continues to stonewall his critics, including every major New York City newspaper, he stands the chance of getting in the runoff, where he can attempt to distract attention from his penis by attacking his opponent. I don't believe he'll last that long. The same massive ego that allowed him to believe that strange women wanted to see pictures of his schlong, will carry him until the full weight of public revulsion wears him down. Also, the longer Huma Abedin supports this degenerate fool, the worse it looks for Hillary Clinton, and 2016 is just around the corner. Abedin is supposed to be one of Hillary's closest advisers. How much can her future advice be valued if she continues to campaign for a pervert for mayor? And can you imagine the Limbaughs of the world having sport with that issue during a Clinton presidential run? The stench of Weiner's preposterous campaign is beginning to infest those around him. Carlos Danger may say he's in the race to stay, but the one person who could make him drop out in a New York minute is Hillary Rodham Clinton. 


Anonymous said...

The sun comes up...the penis comes out.
The sun goes down...the penis comes out.
I never met a jewish man so eager to show his, what should be, "privates".

Now, as for Huma Abedin.
Her reasons to "stand by her man", no matter what they are, boil down to the same excuses women have used forever. Money, fame, children, love, ego.
They all have the same result...they excuse men for their bad and inappropriate behavior.

My G-d, have we really not progressed beyond the "stand by your man" attitude?
How about moving on and selecting "stand on your own"?

Your Tutor said...

Good commentary except for one distortion. You said that, "Rush added racistly, Huma is a Muslim. In that regard, Weiner ought to be able to get away with everything". That was not a racist comment. He was referring to the way that Muslim women are treated like property by their husbands and are killed by their husbands if they displease them through 'honor killings. That is fact, not racism. You see everything through the prism of race, so who is the racist? Think about that. One of my favorite Muslim stories, which the media spiked, told of an American 'moderate' Muslim who owned a telecommunications business in New York and who made a documentary to show that all Muslims do not behave like depraved animals (google executions in Iran, especially the public beheadings, hangings, and stonings). Soon after, he went home and his wife announced that she was leaving him. He knocked her to the kitchen floor and beheaded her with a butcher knife. I think that his 'moderate' status should be reconsidered. Anyway, maybe this sort of thing is what prompted Rush to make his comment. Think things through before shouting, 'Racism!!'. However, I do realize that race is big business among Lefties.

Your Tutor said...

Sput, I use the word 'Marxist' when sometimes I should more properly say socialist. And, though Lenin and the old Communist Party may no longer be around, the same spirit very much exists in this world. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Call it Socialist Totalitarianism, or something similar. But, there is a definite move to take away individual freedom and private property globally, not just in America. Do you deny that there is a move toward a one world government which will be both Marxist and totalitarian in nature? Do you know anything of the plans of the globalists for this world? Laugh if you want, but a relatively small cadre of Oligarchs are working to own all of the Earth's resources and to control all of humanity. Do you know anything at all about the U.N. Agenda 21/Sustainable Growth Treaty? Agenda 21 is short for the 'Global Agenda for the 21st Century'. George H.W. Bush signed America on to it (over 190 countries have now signed on to it) and Bill Clinton had much of it fleshed out for implementation through his President's Council On Sustainable Development. Its goal is to take items in the Agenda 21 Treaty and turn them into hard law. Do you know anything at all about how much it has advanced beneath the radar? For a good intro to the subject, read Brian Sussman's 'Eco-Tyranny'. And, he is not known to be conservative. For that matter, some Dems are more on fire and vocal to alert the public about this plan than the Republicans are. Do some research and become enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Many of the Trayvon Martin protesters were carrying signs made and distributed by the Communist Party of the U.S.A (CPUSA). Who said that communism is dead? Does he live in a cave? Or, is he one of their operatives trying to deceive the American people?

performs said...

Old habits die hard--mongering the fear of the dreaded Communists coming to get you your precious things--still going. This scapegoating obviously works well for getting folks to ignore that the vulture, crony capitalists who have been in charge for decades have all along been taking away everything they can get their greedy little hands using their techniques, while their little fingers point to the scary socialists. What a bad joke. Every system is corruptible. All we can do is to do our best to keep our own heart’s clean of selfishness, cravings, hatreds, fear, and jealousy. Kindness, generosity, self-sacrifice, courage, honesty, and humility are real ideals that can be lived up to, and they can catch on once again in culture that has had its values turned upside down.

Anonymous said...

Swami Performsananda, your disciples have all left the arena laughing so hard that they had tears in their eyes. Many said that they were going to become Republicans and investment bankers as a rebuke to the fact that they now see that their former guru is full of fanciful bullshit.

performs said...

Your comment, Anon, is devoid of meaning--meanness maybe but not meaning. Please respond in a mature manner by contributing something doesn't simply seek to dismiss off-handedly whatever has been said. This is all emotional. Why not make use of critical thinking?

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. Actually, I enjoy reading your posts. I guess that I am an irrepressible asshole.

Timothy Hecht said...

There is not right, there is no wrong, there is no good, there is no bad there is only Funny and Not Funny. Anthony Weiner is Funny.

Hollis said...