Friday, January 23, 2009

This Hussein's For You

I feel badly for those people who can find no joy in the inauguration of Barack Obama. Not enough to sympathize with their sour, sick and sorry asses, just regretful that they insist on going through life without a soul. If not for the mere history of the event, can they feel no grudging happiness for a people disenfranchised for centuries finally feeling the pride in their country that comes with inclusion? The possibilities now seem so limitless, one day we may even get a Jew in there. Hell, who am I kidding? But here are some choice excerpts from The Commercial Appeal's letters to the editor the day after the inauguration:

If Dr. Martin Luther King really believed what he preached, Tuesday would have been a sad day for him rather than a jubilant one.
I did wonder... if the new president would wear a golden crown, or continue with the feelings toward our new president have changed-I have no wish to even see his face with its arrogance, or the smirk on his wife's face.
..we have finally sworn in Barack Obama as savior of our country. I regret...he was not inaugurated sooner,...he could have walked on water to save the passengers of the U.S. Airways plane.
And this was before Obama had spent a single day in office.

With such gravely serious problems facing the country and the president, any sane person would wish him success, if only for their own self-interest. The most visible exception is Rush Limbaugh, whose latest ugly, narcotised ramblings should even give the "ditto-heads" pause. When Limbaugh was asked by a publication to write 400 words about what he hoped from the Obama administration, instead of enumerating political differences, Rush went into a sputtering rage saying, "I don't need 400 words. All I need is four; I hope he fails." What manner of patriot is this who's chief concern, in the face of worldwide financial catastrophe, is the reconstruction of his failed and broken political opinion? I became aware of Limbaugh the day after Clinton's election, when the swarthy egomaniac went on the air declaring "America Held Hostage: Day One." He beat the drums for Bush and cheerleaded for the Iraq War, and when the GOP lost Congress, he admitted that he had "carried water" for ideas and politicians with whom he did not agree. In other words, he's a tool and a liar. Were John McCain elected, can you imagine a single liberal pundit wishing him failure in a national crisis? It's time that local radio stations realize they have another Father Coughlin on their hands and kick Rush to the curb. Who needs this crap anymore?

I recognize well who these bitter radio talk-show callers are because I live among them. I find it prudent, however, to disassociate myself from those who can't bear the reality of President Barack Hussein Obama, because one thing I learned from the Bush regime; If someone strikes you on your left cheek, burn their houses, poison their wells, bomb their villages, and take all their shit. Then, if they should happen to turn out not to be the ones who struck you to begin with, oh well, "stuff happens." I choose to give the new president the time to prove himself and, for all of our sakes, I want him to succeed. But as for Limbaugh, who's verbal mung has finally sunk to Ann Coulter levels, and other blabber-mouths that agitate for the government's failure as an industry, the cheek-turning days are over and it's time to strike back. Hard. Amidst all the general good feeling generated by the Obama election and inauguration, the tolerance level for the old-school hate speech disguised as dissent is very low. Since we are still Born-Again Hippies, we say it with love; "Don't Tread On Me."


Anonymous said...

Anyone who is unwilling to give Obama a chance to undue to unmitigated disaster that floats in the wake of the Bush Administration, not to mention wishing him to fail, is clearly putting their party ahead of their country and their views, while welcome in the absence of a tyrant in the White House, hardly deserve a response. Ignorance shines through even $3,000,000 a month.

Anonymous said...

I was pissed when I heard the quote from Rush. I was thinking that fat bastard needed to move to some other country and get the hell outa America's face. The gist of his message seems to be that he thinks Obama is going to have the government take over everything, banks, etc. I can't imagine that happening, even if that were Obama's plan. Barack is my president and I am proud to support him. Rush, take a hike.


Gimme a break said...

You refer to those who disagree with your political views as "Bladder Mouths" but they are no different than you are when you talk about Bush. You are vile and angry, just like those you put down.

And by the way, it wasn't a slap on the face as you so lightly put it. 3,000 people were killed..obviously no one you knew or you would have more respect for the event.

You are so one sided and closed minded it's embarrasing.
I did not vote for or share the views on Obama, but I will support him and judge him on what he actually accomplishes.
Take a breath!

John said...

Randy, I started reading your recent blog and when I got to the quotes from the rednecks who wrote to the Commercial Appeal about President Obama I could read no further. I'm finding that some people whom I had respected are showing an ugly side with this miraculous election and it saddens me deeply. Later, John

Gregg said...

It always simmers. It's just below the surface. That burning desire to slap the face of the ignorant who routinely mistake the gift for their sick mother as an attempt to gain favor to steal the family jewels. This irrational fear of those frustrated and paranoid psychoneurotics can be read in the comments Randy quoted from the Commercial Appeal. It's not even ok when they slime through their low and empty lives and then die because along the way they have missed out on the miracle of life and they have not generated the love of which they are capable. And if that sounds flowery to you, you're an idiot.

To have people crying in the streets is not so much about some new Messiah. It's about millions of people believing, really believing that there is a chance for them. Maybe a chance that they will be heard, not voiced over. Maybe a chance that they'll be respected, not characterized.

For the Limbaughs of the world ("anyone who takes those drugs should be thrown in jail") his multimillions of dollars a year in personal revenue relies wholly on the ignorant frustrated emotionally blind. When he says things that are obviously stupid or nearly insane (to anyone with a brain) he's just raking in more bucks. Feed him, idiots.

While Limbaugh is sucking your blood, George Mitchell, and Ambassador Holbrook will be on their way (on Day Two) to get something done for you and your children and the children of all of those "other" people who really don't count because they're "not Americans, by God!"

But, it doesn't take long for a truly honest man to continue to gain respect, even among those who so badly don't want to really respect anybody. We'll see what happens if this man is able to make positive changes that are atributable to his intellect, character, and real human generosity. At that point, the nay-sayers will show themselves for the small individuals they are. My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Your anger is justified and is not based on lies and stupidity. The world - "elitist" as we all are - is on your side here.

one thing - try 'whose' for 'who's'..........

Sputnik57 said...

Thanks, Mr. Anon. and I made the correction. Good proofreading. For Mr. Gimme A Break, nothing I have ever written or said about the Bush Gang could be as vile as the reality of the past eight years. Actually, I said "blabber mouth," but "Bladder Mouths" is a far better description of what Rush Limbaugh does. Thank you for inventing a new word. I will use it liberally.

Scarlett said...

I lived out of the South for a number of years, but was born and raised here and still can't believe that horrid attitudes (letters to the editor) still exist.

I admit that I said some pretty harsh things at the beginning (OK, middle & ent, too) of both Dubya's terms. Maybe I should be painted with the same brush. Or maybe it comes down to whose ox is or isn't being gored.

Anonymous said...

As a former rad conservative, I can say that it is insanity to wish Obama and the Democrats ill. You can disagree without being disagreeable. I don't agree with some of the Democratic agenda but I have recently gone through something of a political sea change in attitude, largely because I have been discovering the downside of the Republican blather and assault machine. Nobody can be wrong on every issue as the Republican claim the Dems are and the past 8 years of Republican rule have done untold harm. So, I am ready and willing to give Obama and the Dems a chance and to focus on their good ideas. It is probably true that the Dems are better frinds of the common man than the rich, fat-cat Repubs who often have a 'let them eat cake' attitude and don't own up at all to their own short-comings. So, I never thought that I would ever say this but I am being dragged, sometimes a little begridgingly, to the Democratic side of things. At least I am going to listen closely and give them a chance, because no one can deny with a straight face that the Republicans suck on many issues and both parties are coming perilously close to destroying the country. I honestly feel that Obama is a classy and noble man. I just hope that he gets it right.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've heard Rush on the Radio and he does serve a purpose. This obeast Hog of rambling narratives polutes the air for many of us while he feeds the belly of his mentally feabile flock. I understand(from reliable source's) that the Hog Rush has now signed on with the Ralston-Purina Comapny as it's Poster Boy, enabling them to boost sales of animal food to that sad audience in Swine-Land. All I have to say is: Grunt Grunt.

Anonymous said...

One of Obama's most noble qualities is that he remains unflappable in the face of what may be unjust criticism. He doesn't get in the dirt and fight back in an unseemly manner. This is one of the hallmarks of true classiness...the ability to forgive and turn the other cheek and take the high road. This is a lesson that he can impart to many on this blog including Randy. Sometimes the vitriol here is stunning. I know that you feel that it is warranted, but so does the other side. The point is maintaining dignity and some sense of balance which Obama does to the max. Can't you folks learn something from him? So few in the political areana can disagree without being disagreeable. This trait is one of the first that began my conversion Obama-ward. Nobility of character is in such short supply. I have likened politics to a middle school food fight and that is not much of an exagerration. I really feel that Obama will serve to raise the standard in regard to political discourse and deportment. Maybe some of these traits will elevate the discourse on this blog. Everyone has a point of view. So what if someone sees things differently? The truth is probably more of a blend of any two opposing points of view. Enough of the 'it's my way or the highway' and I hate your guts for disagreeing with me.