Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bad Health Nuts

Didja hear? Obama is coming to kill Grammaw. I'm a great believer in questioning authority. In fact, I'm told my first words were addressed to the obstetrician when I asked him, "Was it necessary to slap me like that?" But these damn fools that are disrupting town meetings about health care reform on the instigation of the Republican Party and their lobbyists aren't quite sure what they are questioning. They just know that they are beside themselves with visions of Communism and Socialism and fear that the totalitarian gub'ment will tell them which abortionist they must register their daughter with. The current Unsilent Minority, formerly the "Teabaggers," can't decide whether to protest against phantom taxes, or health care, or the president's birth certificate. All they know is that they look at Washington and see a president named Obama with an assistant named Rahm Emmanuel and a future Supreme Court Justice named Sonia Sotomayor (it's pronounced Soto-maYOR', not like Golda Meir), and they see the lily-white, Christian America of their patriotic fantasies slipping away. That frustration and rage you are now feeling is probably very much like what reasonable people around the world have felt for the past eight years.

What I would like to know is, where were all these outraged citizens who resent government intrusion in their lives when their children were being sent off to fight and die in a political war of choice? Isn't that the ultimate government interference? Where was the righteous indignation of the right when we learned that foreign civilians of questionable guilt were being tortured in secret prisons around the world in the name of the United States? There were no objections from the conservatives over the war in Iraq because it was planned and executed by their faith-based president and his corporate pals. In eight years, Bush never faced a heckler. All this current discord and hysteria by the "birthers," and the xenophobes is driven by a single overriding theme; fear of a black president. There is an undercurrent of white denial that rejects the notion of an erudite African-American as Chief Executive, so they go in search of any scrap of evidence that sinister forces must surely have been involved in his election. Obama's DNA on a 1961 Hawaiian-made pacifier wouldn't convince them otherwise. I'm reminded of Marlon Brando in "The Wild One," when asked what he was rebelling against, answered, "I dunno, whaddaya got?"

And the groups that turn out the mobs of angry whites in Bermuda shorts and ball caps always have such patriotic sounding names like Freedom Works and Liberty Council, as if their scripted disruptions had anything vaguely to do with freedom. This is what passes for a senior "flashmob;" people motivated by disinformation and fear who would rather shout down and close a public meeting than allow civil discourse on the subject of real health care reform. It appeared to me that the protesters were reasonably healthy looking, middle-aged white people, so I can assume they must already be insured. I am not, and readers of these posts know that I have endured a decade of retail, substandard, medical care that has affected me like a tire with a slow leak. I am counting on Obama's reforms, as are fifty million others that are one medical catastrophe from a financial dilemma. It's a great racket to pay premiums to an insurance company, have your health needs met and be obligated for only a fraction of the astronomical costs of advanced medical procedures. And the more procedures ordered, the more your doctor gets paid, or "reimbursed." It's a sweet tax right-off for your employer too, but it's done on the backs of the uninsured and the underinsured who are denied critical medical services every day. People are concerned about health care rationing? I can show you fifty million more uninsured like me, who would be happy with anything.

As far as the "public option" that the insurance companies, in collusion with assembly-line, procedure-mill doctors, are spending so much money trying to kill; I trust my government to look after me far better than any HMO or insurance company you could name. Private insurers have treated me like an untouchable; why would I ever consider giving them my business now? For those who scream "Socialism," with visions of Mr. and Mrs. Mussolini hanging upside-down in the town square, "socialism" can also mean that which is done for the common good. The concept of law is a socialistic idea, so if you intend to shun such radical thought, you should hire your own private security force. And when you drive, stick to city streets since you are not entitled to abuse the Eisenhower interstate system. If you get shot over a parking spot by another law-abiding citizen with a carry permit, don't dare dial 911. Drive yourself in your unregistered car to your personal physician as best you can with your illegal driver's license. But then, they'd only ask for a Social Security number.

Still, the Republicans will tell you that we have the finest health care system in the world and if the government becomes involved you will have to wait in line, like those wretched Canadians, to have your broken arm set.It is past time for someone to say it plainly; The Republicans are lying to you. They have always lied to you because that is what they are paid to do. By telling you that government is bad, and regulations are useless, they persuaded a great part of the electorate to vote about abortion pills and gay marriage while the country's economy flirted with total collapse. And look what it's gotten them. Abortion is still legal and the bans against same-sex marriage are falling in state after state. All that's left is for them to demonize the president and tell elderly people that the evil Obama wants them to hurry up and die. Their protestations over health care reform are not about the people's welfare, but because they wish to, in the words of S.C. Senator Jim DeMint, "Break the president."

I know which way my Congressman will vote on this issue, so I wasn't planning on attending his forthcoming town meeting. Now, I may have to go just for the circus. I live in a predominantly black district and since almost all the recruited phony protesters are white, I'd like to suggest a program change for my Representative. Before discussing health care reform, as a treat to the community, stage a brief concert/revue of some of Memphis' most promising rappers. Then we'll see how much conviction these outraged wingnuts have. And if they persist on pursuing this nonsense about Obama being a foreign-born, Constitutionally ineligible, illegitimate president, I will begin circulating petitions demanding that the Supreme Court re-examine and overturn their decision in the case of Bush v. Gore; Dec. 12, 2000. Then it will all have been just a bad dream. I can't wait until a "Wise Latina" gets ahold of that one.


Anonymous said...

I Sputnik, like you am uninsured, and uninsureable due to that ole' pre-exising condition thing. Thank God for the VA and my Government provided great medical service, which I've desperately needed, AND RECEIVED on a very timely basis. As far as the private health sector goes, it's long psst time to start providing for the "common good". I consider health care a right in this Nation. Food, shelter, and health care in the wealthiest and prevously best educated nation on earth should not be doled out, or rationed only to the ones best able to pay fot it.

It irks me to no end to see the Pharma ads non-stop on all three major network news programs at dinner-time. Asking lay people, seniors, and children to tell their doctors that they think that some 'fuckyousomemoreintime' that they saw on TV is what should be prescribed for their condition. Shows who's really makeing the big bucks, and calling the tune. Time for a change.

I'll bet there weren't many uninsured at those disruptive town halls, but judging by the obesity, and age of those moronic sheep, they're all on the cusp, and just don't know it. Wake up America! Time for a new day in health care!


dave the dog said...

"Word" to Sputnik. Calling Obama a socialist for wanting health care for all is like when Bush and his minions were able to call everyone who didn't agree with them about their war, a "traitor".

We already are somewhat socialist in that we take tax money to provide services for all. Otherwise we would have one army, but separate state militias. We all drive on the highways paid for with common tax dollars. Oh yes, when we bailed out the banks with our common tax dollars, who benefited? The rich or the poor?

So, don't worry rich health care companies. Even if we have quaranteed health care for all, your lobbyist's will probably be able to quarantee your obscene profits.

D in Tennessee said...

I cant understand why someone doesn't look up the facts. The U S healthcare systems ranks 37th in the world, our infant mortality rate is not even in the top 20, our longevity rate is the lowest of any industrialized nation. Our cost per person is the highest in the world, some one is making big bucks, thats why they are fighting so hard, Let them keep their 37 th class healthcare, I want better.
Keep up the pressure


Anonymous said...

I notice that many protesting against a national health plan are over 65. They already enjoy the benefit of socialized medicine...Medicare.
Why be greedy...let the rest of us benefit from a government run health system.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried to read the Heath Care Bill? Do you know what is in it from knowledge or just because politicians you like tell you it is good. I have been trying to muddle through it. It takes a great deal of time. It is not just the number of pages, that I could handle, but it keeps referencing other sections you have to look up to understand the section you are on. Having spent a great deal of time dealing with Congressmen and their aids I have an understanding as to how the system works. I don’t want a new law school graduate deciding what my congressman should vote for. Bills like the health plan should be studied by the person voting. What is the rush? This is too important to not take their time and get it right. The democrats are just as bad as the republicans when it comes to graft and seeking power for powers sake. I want there to be a careful and public hearings to take place and make sure the complete bill is above board. This bill tries to micro manage every aspect of health care. In a few years this bill will grow and be as big and complicated as the Tax code. I am for health care reform and coverage for all US citizens, but it needs to be the right bill. Have you watched any of the hearing on Cspan? The committees refuse to vote on amendments that would require Congress to use the same system they are trying to speed through the house.

Randy I know you were the Valedictorian at the Brothers, so everybody that you disagree with is an idiot. Your thoughts are the only ones that count. Open your f___ mind to a larger number of thoughts and ways of looking at things. If it were all black and white the answers would all be simple.

Anonymous said...

My Boss says "This health care plan sucks... It just makes me wanna shout"!

Mckensie Morrison

Anonymous said...

There you go again with your oneside broad brushed bullshit. You are so closed minded.
Are you ready to give electronic access to your bank account to the government? It's in the bill.

My guess is that you don't have any insurance because you don't have a real job. probably never have had a real job. My guess is you probably don't have a 401K either, that usually results from having a real job.
Your just one of those takers. Waiting for someone else to pay your way.

geno722 said...

Let's see: government was working so well under the last administration that the country actually did elect a guy named Barack Hussein Obama. Who's at least partially African-American. That tells you how ready people were for some sort of change. Obama has at least tried to address some issues - health care, credit card usury - that Bush-Cheney wouldn't even put on the table since it did not benefit "their" war. I do agree with the belief that the first solution to health care reform lies not with a new gov't program, but demanding reform in what drug companies, doctors, etc. are allowed to charge - or bill the government! Not sure what the mass hysteria is about the government having your bank acct. for direct debit. Quite a few insurance providers - including Church Health Center here in Memphis, my own provider - only do business through direct debit. I don't believe in anybody having that authorization, but it's the only way I can have their (quite limited) coverage. Great article Randy.... you go man!

Anonymous said...

Direct debit of your account should be voluntary. If an insurance company has my account info, it's because I gave it to them. However they do not. I don't give anyone access to my account.
And Geno. Why is it ok with you that this bill is not good enough for Congress? Shouldn't they have to sign on to everything they force on us????

John Shaft said...

If these hecklers believe they are going to interrupt the Cohen town hall meeting on Sat.without paying a price, they are sadly mistaken. Ya'll come on down and try and prevent me from hearing my congressman speak, and I got something for your ass. Come on down people. We'll be waiting for you.

Fair and Balanced said...

I'm puzzled about the objection to bank account debit. A large proportion of working Americans already voluntarily grant access to their bank accounts, by numerous entities: Direct deposit from their employer, automatic debit from their insurance companies of various types, including health if they are self-covered, etc., even direct deposit of your income tax refund. And, of course, there's automatic bill paying, if you want to participate in that.

No entity, including the goverment, can remove more money from your account than they have been authorized to. What is the objection, then? Are they worried about government snooping? Seeing what your buying activity is? They can already do that, and they don't need to disguise it with a Health Care Bill to make it legal.

Where was all this outrage about government intrusion when the Patriot Act was passed, and then extended, giving the government permission to monitor the e-mail and telephone conversations of Americans without prior warrants?

Sputnik57 said...

I regret to tell you that because some fool can't control himself, your comments may not appear right after you post them. Unfortunately, I have to screen out the asshole. But I will post your comments as soon as possible.
The Management

Anonymous said...

Hey guy. I have four grown "children" with no health insurance. One of them is suffers from severe mental illness. The cost of medications is unbelievable, like two months rent every month.
Giving people access to subsidised health insurance based on income is an idea whose time has come. Why not buy from existing insurance companies? Some of the people shouting the loudest about the "government takeover" are on Medicare/Medicaid. What?? Thanks for the forum